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The Disease Of Poverty

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The newest theory - perhaps it might be called a f ad - is that poverty is a disease, like measles, drunkenness, immorality aud dirt. If so, then it rnust be said that it is extremely catching, as bad as smallpox, in fact. There are epidemics of it, too, and this country haa ijust been passing throngh a very severe -one. The beau-ty of the new idea concerning poverty is that if it is a disease it is curable, )ike any other ailment. Even cáncer and consumption now yield to skillf ui medical and hygienic treatment. Statesmen and wise people should therefore set their heads to the discovery of an antidote to poverty. They wil] not find it in the forcibly wresting f rom the two hundred millionaire his possessions and dividing them among the pauper world. As has been rnany a time said, before night of the day of distribuiion the conditions would relatively be the same as they had been in the morning. The remedy, however, will be found in the enlightenment of the pauper population. First, their will and self respect must be cultivated. Then they must be taught that they themselves can cure the disease of poverty. Nobody else can get well of smallpox or a cold for any patiënt. He must tussle with ii himself and overeóme. Just so with poverty. Anybody can down it who has a dauntless will and ordinary good sense. The way not to be poor is to steadily lefuse to put up with poverty.


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