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A crowd of busy workers composed of professors, students and janitors. were employed in moving books and rfctUres from the Normal to the ntw raining school building lat Satnrday. There is so much to be done in the way of moving and setüing: there are blackjoards to be decorattd, pictures to be ïung and books to be arranged, which cannot be done in a day or a night. but which will occupv all the spare time of joth students and teachers during the entire week. It is hopecl that the school will begin operations iu its new quarters next Monday. One of the most praiseworthy features of the new building is ts abundance of light. The windows, of which there are au almost endl-ss number, are to be supplied with shades vhich can be closed from both top and bottom. The new building has 6 schoolooms and aceommodates 7 grades, the 7th and öth grades being put togethpr n a room upstain. Adjoining each oom are the wardrobes in wnicli the children remove their wraps, so eaeh ;eacher has her pupils directly in charge 'rom the time they enter the building ;ill they leave it. There are also 4 recitatión rooms and two offices for the director and assistant. From these offices are electric bells and speaking ;ubes cnnected with all parts of the suilding. A chapel with a seating capacity for 400 will also be used for ;he practice teachers' classes. Of these .eachers' there are 150 this semester. Che kindergarten and lst grade will emain ia the old building. The outside doors of the building are of hard wood, all the other doors and wood vork being of soft wood, but nevercheess very prettily finished. The hghtng is by both gas and electricity. To mild up thewings and finish the'build ng in good shape would require 12,00. which it is a pity could not be donated or appropriatêd or secured in ome way, and the good work go on. Mr. George William Winterburn is of opinión that since cows and hogs have already been banished from cities, and lince the horse is also disappearing, it is time for the dog tofollowsuit and be expelled, too, there being no reason why ae should be an exception to the rule that refuses to tolérate live stock in cities. 't is remarkable how many of Mr. Winterburn 'si ellow country men and women agree with him exactly. It is recorded that President Cleveland freely and fully pardoned out of prison a man condemned to durance vile for three months for hard sweaving in the District of Columbia. Undoubtedly a feeliug of profound sympathy was the motive for the pardon, President Cleveland remembering congress and the fearful provocatiou toprofanity from which he himself has suffered. Any state may now pass a constitutional law taxing the express and telegraph companies havinglines within its borders. The supreme court of the United States, after considering the question thoroughly, an-ived at this decisión.


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