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liyron I . Hall was 111 Clinton a short time Saturday. FredZimmermanhas left the employ oí' Lynch & Co. F. M. Freeman was a Jackson visitor Monday morning. Antón Yokum assisted at Steinkohl's during Fred's absence. Republican caucus attownship clerk's office Saturday afternoon. "Jira" and "Casey" visited lady friends in Clinton Sunday. The boys are taking some flne specimens of bass from the river. Mr. and Mrs. A. ï. Gage have moved to this place from Tecumseh. Mrs. F. A. Hundell and Miss Abbie Chase went to Clinton Kriday. The T'nion Silver party have called a caucus for Saturday afternoon. Kimble & Pchmid have been placing a new saw mili in position this week. Miss Minnie McAdam is spending the week with lier parents at Clinton. Mrs. !e:. J. Ilaeussler has been ve-y sick th.e past week, with a severe cold. Fifty boxes of Manchester cheese were shipped to Toledo one day last week. L. Whitney Vatkins was writing life insurance iñ Lenawee county tovvns last week. Miss Matie Swift has a cozy place in her newly fitted rooms, Miss Pfister's old stand. Mrs. B. W. Amsden and Sherman returned Tuesday from a few days visit at Brooklyn. Miss Louise Pfister packe l her gr'p Wednesday and left for Blisslield, her future home. A merry crowd of little folks assisted May tarks pass away a pleasant birthday, Monday. The Junior Epworth League held a social Friday evening at the M. E. church parlors. John Beissel and Ed McKune of Chelsea.were in town one day last week on a short visit, The Lake Shore company have been putting interlocking switches along the Ypsilanti branch. Ilerr Cari Wuerthner went to Detroit Tuesday to spend the week, on business and pleasure. A. F. Clark of Saline, was in town Saturday niMking arrangements for the Mozart Concert Co. .Miss Leila Grossman has been enga?ed by Mrs. Fanny Kandall to assist in the millinery stor'e. The rooms over Wm. Burtless' office "over the Hhine," will be ritted up for a photograph gallery. II. C. Calhoun is moving from his Bridgewater home into the Coon mansion on Jackson street. The ladiea of the M. E. church gave a soaial Wednesday aftenioon at the residence of C. E. Lewis. v Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steinkohl and son Wiltie went to Lansing Saturday to visie with Fred's parents this week." Miss Orrell Grigsby went to Allegan, Saturday, where shê is enjoying the week's vacation at the parental home. The confinnation class of the Oer man Lutheran church numbers but 15 ;hts year, a much smaller class than usual. r. P. Maginn went to Palmyra Satunlay, to attend the funeral of a f riend and remained over Sunday with his mrents there. Herbert R. Earle carne up from Detroit Saturday evening and remained, with relutives until Monday, when he ef t for Toledo. John Kensler droppel a heavy package on his foot Sunday morniñg and ïas been hobblitig abo ut ever since vith a badlv smashed toe. Hoyt's "A Texas Steer" Company )asseil thrpugh here Tuesday enroute o Adrián from Ypsilanti. and dmed at ;he Freeman House and City Hotel. Locil sportsmen have been huating wild geese at the neighboring lakes the pist week or more, but they don't sesm able to bag much of the game. Friends of Herbert Leon Oope will have an opportunity of hearing hiin Saturday evening, when he appöars here with the Alózart Quartet Concert Co. The Misses Libbie Rawson, Jessie Aulls, Mande Goodeü and Mina Middlebrooks were among those who attended the teacher's examination at Ann Arbor this week. The Woman's lïelief Corps held memorial services at their rooms Sunlay afternoon in honor of the late Mrs. Samuel Anclifï, whose remains were nterred at Oak Grove that day. About 20 feet of the east wall of the Southern Washtenaw Mills, was undermined by the high water Saturday night, and a gang of workmen were et to wo:k repairing the damage. Some careless boys set fire to the sjrass near the railroad biidge Sunday ifternoon, and for a short time the he old building near the track on Ann rbor street was in danger of being )urned. Messrs. T. B. Bailey, E. M. Conklin, C. J. Robison, F. H. Blosser, T. M Vreeman, M. D. Blosser and C. W. ]ase went to Tecumseh, Monday evenng, to attend a school of instruction given by the Chapter at that place. Ed. Kief is displaying a lot of curios at Ilaeussler's in the shape of ancient pottery, etc. Some pieces are very old, one vase being something over 300 years of age. There are one or two pieces of ancient Egyptian ware, an old sperm oil lamp. and a set of metal candlesticks and snuffers that bear evidence of an advanced age. A bout thirty sportsmen sat down to a muskrat supper Tuesday even ing at the City Bakery and to say they enjoyed it immensely is putting it mildly. VVm. Stoddard was called upon to act as toastmaster and performed the duties of his honorary position in a gracef ui marmer. "Bill" displayed his political genius and wit by the following toast: - '■ Here's to you fellows if you have the gall, To eat these 'muskrats', one and all " ïhen they all "feil to" and the eight muskrats Vere eagerly devoured by the hungry nimrods. Tt was BOmewbat of a novelty as muskrat suppers ia this corner of the county are selclom served. Several citizens whose interests are in the 'white metal," met at the township clerk's office iiaturday evening and organized a club for the purpose of advancing the interests of the silver cause. The organization will be known as the "Manchester Bi-metailic Club,' and fifteen members pledged themselves to its support upon organization. Besides an executive committee the followin? oflicers were chosen: President, James Kelley; vice president, W Kimble; secretary, C. E. Levvis; freasurer, W.' .1. Holmes; lpcturer. V. L. VVatkins. We may now expect to hearthe issues of last fall's campaign renewed witn increased interest.


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