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Death In The Flood

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Chicago, March 22.- The raging waters continue to roll on work of ruin. Death rides on the flood, and the end is not in sight. Dams and levees are crushed aside, lives taken, crops swept away, stock drowned, homes and shelters crumbled. trees torn out by the roots, railroad tracks submerged, brldges go out in the torrents, and despair settles down with the uncontrollable waters. All this is in the country districts. In the towns the situation grows more alarming day by day. Illinois is sufferintr now. At Carmi Jacob Ziegler was drowned in the backwaters of the Little Wabash. The day before his mother was nearly drowned at the same spot. The neighbors saved her life. The harvest of waters in the south is bad, but how appalling can only be guessed, as in most. instances lives have been lost in out-of-the-way districts, where ignorance anj terror exagg;rate the disasters, and from whence information is unreliable and very hard to obtain. The Memphis people have made their city a haven of refute for flood-stricken men.women and children. A committee is looking after the needs of the . unfortunates who have lost homes and lands, and everything is being done to relieve their suffering and ease their minds. ■Visconsin towns are under water. In some cases factory ñres are out and thecity lighting plants submergad. Tales of peril and hardship and disastrous outrok come from Rijzon, Plainfleld and other cities. Iowa is suffering inteniely. At Sioux City all the low land is submerged, and the Floyd river on a ramoage. 'Every bridge on the Big Sioviic between Sioux City and Hav arden has been swept out, and thousands of acres of farm lanas along the river are under the torrent. The towns that are the worst are Rock Valley, Charles City, Dubuque and Keokuk, reports from these places indicatir.K that the worst is yet to come. Manfcato, Jlinn., Under Water. St. Paul, March 24. - A Mankato, Minn., special to The Pioneer Press says: The Minnesota river went on a rampage yesterday and loss of life was one of the accompaniments. The gorge which seemed to have broken Monday night re-formed below the city during the night and has steadily grown firmer. Yesterday afternoon the water took a pudden spurt and rose two or three feet in half that many hours. Along Belgrade avenue through north Mankota yesterday afternoon a s'.eigh load of men was swept away by the torrent which had set in across the avenue. The drowned man was named Andrew Ha-ison, formerly from Winona, and another man was only saved by clinging to a tree where he was rescuea with difflculty after an hour or two oí worlc Several families were rescued from their houses with boats. The great flocd of Monday night and yesterday ras caused nearly 200 families in the lowcr section of this city and North Manka'o to abandon their houses to the fast encroaching waters. One-half of ilort'n .Manicato, a village of 700 inhabitant3, is under water and a wild tcrrcnt ij rushing through it. Wrork of the Iowa Hegislature. Des Moines, March 24.- The building and loan bilí passed the house yesterday and the Allen amendment was adopted. lt allows a repeal from the executive council to the Polk county district court on the admission of building and loan associations to do business in Iowa, and prohibits officers of any building and loan association sitting on the executive couneil when considering buildings and loans. The senate passed the new printing and binding bill, which will save the state from $15,000 to $20,000 in two years. Corbett and l'it.siiniiions Meet. San Francisco, March 24. - James J. Corbett yesterday secured his muchwanted interview with Fitzsimmons. The men met in the lobby of the hotel ard greeted each other with the utmost cordiality. Corbett entreated Fitzsimmons to give him another chance to retrieve his reputation. Fitzsimmons relterated his determination never to flght again, but finally promised if he ever re-entered the ring Corbett should have the first chance. Kesplted by President MeKinley. Santa Fe, N. M., March 24. - A telegram was received Tuesdayfrom Washington saying that President McKinley had reapited for ten days the four members of the Button gang who were to have been hanged Tuesday for the murder of ex-Sheriff Frank Chavez, May 29, 1892.


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