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Chicago, March 23. Following were the quotations on the Board of Trade today: Wheat- March, opened and closed nominal; May, ouened 72%e, closed 73%c; July, opened 70%c, closed 72c. Corn - March, opened and closed nominal; May, 24%c, closed 24%c; July, opened 25V2c, closed 25%c. Oats - March, opened and closed nominal; May, opened 17%o, closed 17V4C; July, opened 18%c, closed 18%c. Pork - May, opened $8.65, closed $8.77%; July, opened $8.75, closed $8.87%. Lard - .May, opened $4.15, closed $4.22%; July, opened $4.25, closed $4.32%. Produce - Butter: Extra creamery, 18%c per Ib; extra dairy, 17c; fresh packing stock, 8c. Eggs- Fresh stock, 9c per doz. Poultry - Turkeys, 10@13c per Ib; chickens (hens), 7%@8; roosters, 5c; ducks, 9@12c; geese, 7@8%c. Potatoes - Burbanks, 22@25c per bu; Hebrons, 19@21c. Sweet potatoes- Illinois, $1.00@1.35 per bbl. Honey- White clover, ll@12%c per tb; imperfect, 7@8c. Apples- Common to fancy, $1.00@1.75 per bbl. Cranberries - Jersey, $2.00@3.25. Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, March 23. Estimated receipts of cattle, 2,500. Trade in healthy condition, prices firm. Texas steers strong. Receipts of hogs, li.OOO; market sluggish, prices 5@10c lower; lightweights peglected; sales included mixed and packing grades, $3.85 @4. 10; prime heavy andbutcher weights, $4.10@4.20; and assorteil light, $4.02%@ 4.07%. Receipts of sheep and lambs, 9,000; market uneven; good sheep were strong, others steady; lambs hard to sell; prices 10@15c lower. Milifaukee Grain. Milwaukee, March 23. "VVheat- No. ? spring, 73%c; No. 1 orthern, 77%@78c; May, 74%c. Corn -No. 3, 21%@22c. Oats- No. 2 white, 18l4@19V4c. Barley- No. 2, 31@31%c; samples, 25@31c. Rye- No. 1, 34@34%c. Detroit Grain. Detroit, March 23. Wheat- Cash white, 88%c; cash red, O'üc; May, 92y8c asked; July, 75%c bid.


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