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Lesson I. - Christ's Ascensión (Acts i, 1-14). Golden Text- Luko xxiv, 51, "White He blessed them He was parted f rom them and oarrled up into heaven. " The golden text for the review, "The word of God grew and multiplicd," describes the work of the Holy Spirit throngh the apostles nfter the ascensión of Christ. We must keep before us the great fact that it was and still is the purpose of God to bless the whole earth throngh Israel (Ps. lxvii, 1-7; Isa. lx, 1-3; Jcr. iii, 17, 18; Rom. xi, 12, 15); bilt, Israel having rejected and crucifleod their King, the kingdom is postponed until the King shull return (Luke xix, 11, 12; Acts iii, 20, 21). In the meantime we live in "the mysteries of the kingdmn. " Lessos II.- The Holy Spirit Given (Acts ii, 1-13). Golden Text- Acts ii, 4, "They were all fllled with the Holy Ghost. " Although these disciples had been daily ander the teaching of the Lord Jeaus for several years, vet they were not qualified to be His witnesses, but liad to wait until lilled with the Holy Spirit, for He alone could ocoomplish in and through them what the Lord required. No wisdom or power of man can accomplish the work of the Lord, but only the Spirit of the Lord (Zech. iv, (i). When illled, they spake as the Spirit gave them utteranoe (Acts ii, 4). Lesson III. - A Multiuido Converted (Acts ii, 8S-47). Golden 'lext- Acts II, 39, "The promise is unto you and to your children and to all tliat are afar off." Whcn the strangers at Jemsaleru from all parts of tlie world beard these unlearaed men speaking in all languages and declariug tlie vvonderful works of God, they were amazed, and sime said that the disciples were full oL wine. Peter, then standing forth, declared in he power of the Spirit the faots of the case, and from the Scriptures preached Christ unto them with the result that about 3,000 believed and were baptized, and the Lord oontinued to add dally those being saved (verses 41, 47). Lesson IV. - ïhe Lame Man Healed (Acts iii, 1-18). Golden Test- Acts iii, lü, "His name, through faith in His name, hath made this man strong. " The disciples scein to have ïrequented the temple, probably i'or the purpose of teaching, even as Jesús liad done (seo chapter v, 20), and on this occasion the Lord through them gave hcalth to a, man over 40 years old who had never walked a. step (verse S u.d ehapter iv, 82). Lesson V. - The BöWnoss cf Peter and John (Acts iv, 1-14). Goldeii Text- Acts iv, 12, "Thereisnono other name ondel Leuven given among r.:en whcreby we m be saved." As the power of God is Incroasingly seen tue ilovil's uiipci1 incpcasos, and the tipostlcs eulïer iiunsonu'.ci.t and thrcatening. Lessou VI. - Tiuo r.-r.d False Glvi:; (Acts iv, 88, tq v, 11). Cclden lcxt- ] Sam. s.i, ï, "Man lcoketh on tlio outvvard uppearancc, but iho Lord luoketh on the lioart." With such groat poner g;ivo thu upostlcs xvitcess of the rcsúrreistion cf 'tue Lord Jesus that tiio gracoof God was upon thom all, und nu.r.y su'.t. thelr property and tho irococcs iu tlie comiiion tuud tiiat nono of tho bclievers might Jack mything; Ier t!)cn, as low mnoug tho Jows, thoso Lclleving in .ïcsi'.s mud probably be tast oü by tüeir friends and l'iud UiemseHcs destituto of témpora! things. Uod's Uatred of decciS iá b.n ii His judgment et i:e liara LEbboN vil. - ihc Prison Opcncd (Acts v, r,-:i2). (Jolden Test- Actsv, 29, "We uugi.t to übey God mthcr than men." a's rago lacreases, i.nd again the upostlcs ;.re iniprisoned, but no walls or bolts or Eoldiers uan hold tliem unless the Lord is willing tbat thcy shoulcl be held; eü Ho hondH nu ;ld;c1, who deüvora them (ird i.culs thcni to the temple to continue teaching the words of lile. When again arrestutl in the temple in the morning and brought Ijefore the oouncil, Peter again preuches Christ crucifled and risen, aud, althougli bouten i'or it, when let go they conti nued daily to teach and preach Jesus Christ both in the temple and from house to house. Lesson VIII.- The First Christian Martyr(Acts vi, 8-15; vil, 54-60). Golden ïext - Rev. ii, 10, "Be t-liou faithful unto doath, and I will give thee a crown of life. " ïhe power oí the Holy Spirit is as necessary to serve table as to preach tlie gospel, and if one is willing to serve whole heartedly in liumblo service he will be led furtü to greater tbings. The wisdom and spirit which they were not ablc to rosist was not any wisdom of Stephen, but that of the Holy .Spirit in Stephen, (ven tho wisdom and Spirit oi' God. Stepheu's sermón, like Peter's, was eliieily quotatlons frorn or references to Scripture, and having givou his testimony he went homo to be with Jesus. ile is tho iirst recorded as seeing Jesus lifter His ascensión. Lesbon IX. - The Disciples Dispersed (Acts iii, 1-17). Golden Text - Acts viü, 4, "They that woro seattcred abroad went everywliere preuching the word." The last words of Christ ere He ascended wcre, "Goye into all the world and preach the gospel to overy creature, " and "Ye shali be witnesses unto Me unto the uttermost part of tlie earth" (Mark xvi, 15; Acta i, S), yet up to tho time of our lesson the witnesses do uot seom to have lelt Jerusalem. Lesson X.- Tho Ethioplnn Con vort (Acts vü, 20-40). Golden Text - Acts viü, 85, "Then Philip oponed his mouth and began !it the same Scripturo and preached. unto him Jesús. " Perluips none of the scttcred abroad had gone to Ethiopa, but the Lord luid His choseu ones even therö aiid will soinehow reach them nlso. Lesson XI. - Saúl, the Persecutor, Converted (Acts ix, 1-12, 17-20). Golden Tcxt - I Xim. i, 15, "ïhis is a faithful saying and worthy oL all aceeptation that Chrisi Jesús carne into the World to save sinners. " Things impossiblc vrith mcn aro possible withGod, and there isnothing too hard or wonderïul for God (Luko zviii, 27; Jer. xxxii, 17). The timo carne for this blasphemei ,o bo stupped, and in His own way, by His own power, the, Lord humbled him ai: 1 brought him to Himself. Lesson XIL-Christian Self Restraint (I Cor. ix, 19-27'. Golden Text-I Cor. ix, 25, "Every man that striveth for tho mastery is temperatu in ull things. " Síilvation is the free gift oi God through the flnished work of Christ, mil no works or strivings of ours have any part in our redemiition (Rom. iii, 4; i , 5; Eph. ii, 8, 9; ïitus iii, 5), but when ;aved through Christ it is that wo may abe ind in good works (Titus iii, 8; Kph. ii. 1( ), as the evidenco of our redemption, uno for these works which God prepares for us we shall be rewardcd at the coming if Christ (Luke xiv, 11; Rov. xxii, 12; II John viii; I Cor. iii, 14, 15. ïhe special work of our lesson is denial of eelt


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