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Welen Post G A. R.. attended Gen. Harrison's lecture in a body. A. C. Millardof Detroit, will be the proprietor of the Arlington House after April 15. There will be a meeting of the White Shield society in Xewberry Hall, Friday, March 2, at 4 p. m. Choral Union rehearsal was Monday night this week, so as not to conflict with the Harrison lecture. llugh MeCall is moving on Henry Gorton's farm. Mr. Gorton will move to Aim Arbor.- Waterloo Cor. Chelsea Standard. The next evening in the Choral Union course is to be given by Plunkett Greene, the great English tenor, l'riday, April it. Don't forget the address by Pi of. Peabody of ilarvard, at the Unitaria church this evening. Ile will teil how Caulbridge got rid of saloons. Judge Kinne decided yesterday afternoon that the "transient tradere'ordinauce," about whieh so much fuss has been made, is unconstitutional and theret'ore void. I). A. Tinker has sold his stock of gents' furnishing goods on Main street, to uatry W. Holcomb of Detroit. We extend ii cordial welcome to our city to Mr. Hölcomb. One of the street cars came in contact with a iishmonger's wagon last Weduesday, and the fish and driver were dropped into the mud, and the wagon badlv damaged. The Prohibition cqnvention Tuesday afternoon and evening was so siiinly attnded that the program was abandoned, and the time was spent in conference as to future actions of the party. The Mondern Woodmen presented Rev. W. L. Teürow with a handsome gold headed eane, last Moniay evening, as a token of the high esteem in wnicta he is beid by the order. E. s. Gilmore made the presentation speech, in his chöicest Hibernian dialect. Wanted- an electric car line from Ann Arbor to Saline, Manchester Clinton. ïecumseh, and Adrián, lí we are to be tied to those towns, and we certainly desire to be, it would be a fine thing to be able to reacii them without taking a week to get there and back.- Courier. The Standard is in receipt of an invitatiou to attend the commenceinent of the tiorthwestern University Dental t-cliool of Chicago, April 2, 18!7. Among the graduates we notice the name of s. Straith of Lakeview. a formér Chelsea boy, who was chosen valedictorian. - Chelsea standard. On April 7 and 8 the great executive commitiee of the L. O. T. M. will holu 4 meeting in this city. On the evening of April li, a reception will be given to the great hive otlicers by Arbor hive, Xo. 113, at the Cook House, from 8 to 10 o'clock, Mr. McClure having bindly donated the use of the parlors for that occasion. The lightning struck Walter II. Dancer's residence, Itó Sprïng street, during the thunder storm Ionday morning. The bolt struck the chimney.scattering bricks all over the yard, thence bounded to the roof, where 'it tore a large hole. The occupants of the house feit a sliht shock, but did not realize what had happened until bricks began to fall. Track Manager the UnivBrsity, has written to the coinmittee in charge of the military in the Chicago coliseum next nionth, stating that Michigan'a relay team prefers to run against the Universty of ('hicago team. .Michigan will send a team of four men and one substitule. Teams representin; Yale, Harvard, Stanford and possibly Pennsylvania will take part in the carnival. A nuniber of the sportily inclined of our citizens waded throuirh the mud out into Pittsfield Saturday night. expecting to see a coeklight. When it wus eautiously whispered that Judson's forces were leading them into nmbush they diil their best to "skip by the liglit of the inoon." The condition of the roads though prevented niucli skipping, and they plodded back tbrough ïbe mud, very mad to realize that part of th time at least, the sheriff's torce is attending to business. The tvvo or three newspaper men present were there strictly for the purpose of reporting it. They do not care for the üghts of the birds- of course not. Chas. H. Pulver went to Ann Arbor, Monday aecompanied by Dr. Ilaynes, and exliibited his leg before the medical class at the university. His leg was operated upon about two years ago by Dr. Naacrede, and considerable decayed bone removed below the knee, and 'the cavity lilled with bone chips. The chips have become good bone. Previous to the above operation Dr. Nancrede was called to Dundee to perform an amputation of the leg. but advised agaiust the operation at the time.'or at least until alter a trial of his proposed treatment. The Dr., Monday pronounced his operation a most Buccessf ui one. and ht; took pride in exhibiting the leg and explaining the operation to the studente. Mr. Pulver's leg has be come quite strong and most of the time he is able to walk without use of crutcb or cañe.- Dundee Iieporier. Chief Consul Ilines, of the League of American Wheelmen, is sending oul a circular giving these reasons forjoint ing the League: Youare respectfully urged to joia the League of American Wheelmen. The membership costs but 82 the lirst year and only fl each successive year, and includes: 1. A road book and road map of Michigan. 2. The benefit of S25 standing reward, in case your wheel is stolen. 3. ïonring privileges in Canada. 4. The L. A W. weekly bulletin. 5. The League interests itself in the enactment of legislation and ordinances favorable to wheelmen, and opposes adverse laws. 6. It stands for better roads and streets, and lor the construction of cycle paths. (The League is at present urging the passing of a bicycle baggage bill at Lansing) You should also join the Ann Arbor Cycle club. lts members get reduced rates for meals at the Hawkins House. The Ladies' Foreign Missionaiy Society of the Pn-sbyterian church, have elected the following otlieers tor next year: Pres, Mrs. Huldah Richards; 'Vice-Pres., Mrs. Theodore "Williams; iec'y. Mrs. K. C. McAllsster; Irea-i., Mrs.' S. W. Clarkson The Home Missionary Society ollicers are l'res., Mrs. Jennie Clieeyer; Vice-Pres Mrs. Schurtz; Sec'y, Miss Ella Hill; Treas., Mrs. Lucy D. S. Parker. A wheelman hung hls bicycle f rom the ceiling of his cellar and not far from a swinging shelf on which food was kept. A mouse jumped from the wall on to the tire of the front wheel, evidently hoping thereby to reach the shelf. The wheel started and mousie naturally ran to the highest part of it. It was áble to stay on the top of the tire but couldn't pet enough foot hold to jump to the wall. When found next morning the mouse was very ruuch exhausted, though stül running. The cyclometer showed that it had traveled over 28 miles.-Oaü land ( 'ounty Gazettte. We areafraid some of Bro. Ooleman's wheel s are in his head. That's quite a story to start. MissLouise Merrintans pet terrier "Gipsey," sleeps beneath the clods of the valïey. "Gip," as he was called by his famifiars, had fallen into a decline. Consumption, that msidious monster that stalketh by noonday and even in the silent watehes of the night pursues its prey. liad marked this little vic im for its'own. and while lie did not spit much blood. the glassy eye, the wasting bough and heetic lush.presaged an early death. in order to mitígate the pain and anguigh which his shattered conBtitutlon could not resist hs he ap proaehed the inevitable, chloroform was administered when, with one sole attendant, he faintly wagged his tail and expired. Hi-t last words were. "J5oo-oo-oo!" with the accent on the


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