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Miss Seymour, the State Secretary, made the Association a visit last week, meeting about sixiy of the girls. A number oí Uve committee meetings were held. Miss htewart, chairman of the State Committee expected to be here also, but was prevented by illness. Tlie International Convent ion meets at Detroit April 8-12 and we would like to have a large attendance t'rom the A mi Arbor Association. Entertainment will be furnished free and the E. tí. si ves I h rates. A number are planning to spend the Sunday there at least. Among tbe speakers will be MissEllie K. Price International ecretary, Mra L4 1). Wishard of the World's Association, Dr. MacLaurin of Detroit, ltev Theodore Cuyler, Brooklyn, Jf. Y., Dr. Elizabeth Mosher of the' U. oí' M., anc Dr. Mary W. Allen of Ann Arbor. N ames of delegates must be forwarded this week, so if you can go for all or part of tne time," report to the General Secretary at once. The euvel ,opes containing the gift for the state work should everyone be brought or sent in by Maren 28. They will be seni to the State Committee" in time for them to make their report s bef ore the convention. The social committee invite the gids to spend next Tuesday evening with them at the rooms. Each one is askec to bring a conuudruin and may also bring girl friends. This is the iírst oí a series of such informal gatherings. Board meeting next Monday evening Very important business to bè considered.


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