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Spain's Rebellion In The Orient

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The Philippine islands ought to bcccme a great winter resort for Americaus so sooii as Spain conquers the rebenion there, which Hou. John Barrett, United States minister to Siam, is pcrsuaded sbe will do speedily, there being no snch well arnied and organized force of revolutionists there as in Cuba. The Philippine islands, as Mr. Barrett reminds us in The North American Review, are nearly as extensive in area as the whole state of California, the principal island, Luzon, being about the size of Illinois. The second island in extent is Mindanao, with the area of West Virginia. The capital is Manilla, a city of 800, 000 inhabitants. And when it comes to earthquakes the Philippines can bear off the palm even from the west coast of South and Central America. The climate is mild and healthful; the natives are gentío and polite. A man eau buy food and clothing for a ■whole year for $35. Nowhere on earth is nature more prodigal of useful gifts to man, whether in the mineral, animal or vegetable world. Even with the rebellion on hand, the islands export annually $35,000,000 worth of products, chiefly hemp, sugar and tobáceo. Valuable forest woods are in lavish variety. So are fruits and spices. The women are the ones who mainly support the family among the natives. To the lazy white man who -wants an earthly paradise, therefore, one need only eay, "Go to the Philippines. " ___


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