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Turkish Deviltry

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Londen, May 12.- The Athens correspondent of The Daily Chroniele says. telegraphing yesterday: M. Ralli, the premier, showed me today dispatches and reports from Colonel Manos and various civil authorities in Epirus stating that fourteen villages between Touloui and Kastropykia have been burned by the Turks, after all the women and ehildren had been massacred except a few who hid in the fastness of Mount Zalongos, famous during the war of independence, and a few more who concealed themselves in the marshes along the shore and managed flnally to get aboara the Greek ships, half dead with hunger and fear. Women Spring from Precijjices. Not a stone of the village of Kamarina !s left standing. The men fought like lions in defense of the women, who sought refuge in the woods and caves of Mount Zalongos, and when chased by the Turks jumped from the precipices to avoid capture and dishonor. Arta, May 12. - It is reported that the Turks have severed the arms and legs of all the Greeks found in a village on the plain of Louros, and left the mutilated bodies by the roadside to terrorize the population. Starvatlon Faces 80,000 Pcople. London, May 1. - A dispatch to The Daily News from Lamia, dated Sunday, says that 80,000 Thessalians are herded there and in the neighboring villagea after the successive flights from Tyrhavos, Lari?sa, Pharsalos and Domokos. The most pitiful scènes are to be witnessed on every hand. Thousands of women and children are Iying exposed to the continous heavy rains. Most of their carts and horses have been requisitioned by the military. Fires are of nightly occurrence and villages are burned wherever the Turks are to be seen. The Greek authorities have endeavored to supply bread to thousands of the homeless, but their efforts are almost unavailing. Sultan Is Not a Lunatlr. Constantinople, May 12.- The porte ■ has given a positive official denied to the statement that the Sheikh-ul-Islam has issued a circular to the Imams in Constantinople and the provinces foreshadowing a holy war and to the report that the sacred edict was already being prepared. Y'cs, And There Are Otliers, London, May 12.- The Times publishes a letter from a correspondent at Patras who says that the extravagant stories which appear in the Greek newspapers are due to the fact that the Greek correspondents never approach the scène oi actual hostilities, but sit in the cafesand listen to the gossip of the soldiers. SIGNS THE MEDIATION CONDITIONS Greek Government Puts lts Case Entirely in Europe's Hands. Athens, May 12. - The following is the text of the note of the powers: "The representatives of France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany and Austria charge M. Onou, the representative of Russia and the dean of the diplomatic corps, to declare in the name of their respective government that the powers are ready to offer mediation with the view to obtain an armistice and smooth the difflculties actually existing between Greece and Turkey, on condition that the Hellenic government declares that it wlü proceed to recall its troops from Crete; adhere formally to autonomy for Crete, and accept unreservedly the counsela which the powers may give in the interests of peace." The reply of the Greek government was as follows: "The royal government in taking the note and declaratior, of the Russian representative, acting in the name of the ministers of the powers, declares that it will proceed to recall the royal troops from Crete, adheres formally to autonomy for Crete, and confides the interests of Greece to the hands of the powers." M. Skouloudis consulted all Monday with the premier, M. Ralli, and the king. All the oficiáis of the foreign oífice were up all night in anticipation of the action of the Germán minister, who early yesterday morning sent his secretary to inform the Greek foreign office that he had received instructions to join in the representations of the powers and to proffer mediation. Aa soon as the reply of Greece to the note of the powers was handed to the representatives of the powers the latter telegraphed the Greek decisión to the representatives of the powers at Constantinople, with the request that they obtain an armistice with the view of arranglng f or permanent peace. There was a sense of relief in Athens yesterday at the prospect of an lmmediate end to the calamitous war. There is no excitement and no popular demonstration is anticipated. The government has notified the Greek army of the mediation of the powers. Athens, May 12. - Crown Prince Constantin Monday issued the following address to the troops at Domofcos: "Soldiers - The Greek army retires tö Domokos because our positions at Pharsalos were not strong enough against an enemy greatly superior in numbers, but the positions you öccupy here are so strong that our army may be considered invincible. I am confldent that you will be able not only to repulse with success every attack of the enemy, but that you will shortly be able to take the -offensive and compel him to abandon Greek terrltory. Remember you defend the sacred soil of the fatherland and the honor of the king and nation. The enemy must not be allowed to make a further step into Greece. I know you have sufïered and are still suffering many privations, after having beer obliged to fight so many days, but we must endure these privations patiently confldent that we are doing our duty to our fatherland." The Greek commissariat has collapsed. The only rations now received by the soldiers are bread andeheese. No: even cofïee is procurable.


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