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Washington, May 7.- The senate yesterday passed the sundry civil bilí after putting in a clause the order of President Cleveland reserving 17,000,000 acres of forest land. Another araendment provides for pursuing the inquiry into seal life. A resolution was introduced in lieu oí the arbitration treaty declaring the United States alvvays for arbitration as a national policy. Adjcurned to Monday. The house ly a strict party vote, all the Republieans favoring and all the Democrats and Populists opposing, adopted a resolution providing that the house shall meet only on Mondays and Thursday of each -sveek until othewise ordered. No business of importance was transacted. Washington, May 11.- The senate yesterday debated Morgan's Cuban resolution, adopted a resolution instructing the commerce committee to investígate the Mississippl aoods and report next December, held an executive session and adjourned. ishington, May 12.- The senate devöted the whole day to the Cuban belligerency resolution, without action. Foraker and Lodge told the senators that the state department had factsfrom Cuba that should be known by the senate before it acted. An executive session was held. Harria of Kansas introduced a bilí to regúlate railroad pools. The house put in the day on the senate amendments to the sundry civil bilí. Some of the amendments were agreed to, but the one appropriating $50,000 for the improvement of Pearl harbor, Ha-svaiian islar.ds, was rejected. The revocation of the forest reserve order was also rejected with the understanding that something should be done in conference, where the bill was flnally sent. Adjcurned to tomorrow.


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