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Terrible Disaster At Sea

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New York, May 10.- The Mallory lina steamer Leona, which left her pier on Saturday bound for Galveston, took flre at sea, put back, and arrived in port last night with sixteen corpses on board. The dead were thirteen steerage passengers and three members of the crew who succumbed to a terrible fire which occurred off the Delaware capes at an early hour yesterday morning. The horror of the story can hardly be told. Thosa who are dead were penned below decks, and although frantic efforts were made by the officers oL the. vessel to save them, the fire had gained such terrific headway before the danger was discovered that all escape was cut off The steamer carried in her cargo many bales of cotton. It is not certain how the flre originated, but when it was discovered it burst fortli with such fury that it was impossible to reach the steerage. Even then the steerage passengers apparently were unmindful of the danger, else the smoke and flaraes had not reached them. The saloon passengers were first aroused, and in such a manHer as to occasion little alarm. When it became apparent that the flre had cut off the steerage the captain and his men poured great quantities of water down the ventilators and the most frantic efforts were made for the escape of those penned up. In this way eight of the steerage passengers made their escape. The dead are: Steerage passengers- Bridget Sullivan, R. Catine, Mrs. C. Guzza, Mies Guzza, Miss Hannah Solomanson, Mr?. Valcirks, Miss Valcirks, Sophie Schwartz, Maria Wades, two unknown children and two unidentifled. Crew - Alfred Hardy, waiter, New York; Alfred Lang, waiter, New York; H. Hartmann, butcher, New York.


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