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No one will seriöusly quesiion the usefulness, the eonvenience or, within certain limits, the economy oí' good roads. They are extremely useful factors in the transaction of business and tbe interchanges of social life. The Democrat believes them to be desirable and it will continue to encourage in its columns a healthy sentiment in favor of road improvement, but itis not in sympathy with the ideas of many enthusiasts who would force, by arbitrary legislation, the building of expensive roads. The proper people to determiue what and how expensive roads shall be built are the people who will have the bilis to pay; and any attempt to force those people to pay for something that they do not want or do not feel able to have will retard the good roads movement. Arguments calculated to secure the attention and enlist the sympathies of the farmers will advance this cause faster than legislative enactments. The 'quickest results can be obtained from eft'orts to so reform the manner of applying the work that is now annually put upon the country roads that it will produce betler results. There is no question but what the labor expended each year upon the roads of "VVashtenaw county would in a few years, if directed in a systematic manner result in greatly irnproved roads. The trouble in most cases is the lack of a systematic application of the work that is done so that the road fund expended each year amounts tolittle more than repair work wliieh must be done over again the next season.


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