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The Ladies' Aid so?iety met last "WednesiL; oon wiih v rs. Chas, a gooi attendanee and ksanl un.e. Clias. Field was home from I'ontiac ver bunday, and retorned Jlonday moTning. be has a situaiion on the oew eleetric railroad there. Mes. Bertha Salfoid nee Field has iting tor th ree or foiir weeks at E-Uïad Field s, and her husband came rroro i'ontiac and spent Sunday at aheolfi homastead. II is t'amily returned with him Monday morning. 'Tbe church people here on a recent inday morning paid for six new aaits'for the crchestra, a much needed aprovement. Miss Anna Eddy is spending a few #jeksat George .Nelsori's. Mrs. "Dmory Snell and Mr. Snell's 1 xnotliT, a veri aged lady, ;ire both quite üli at this wr.iting, and lortuuately their tdaughier, Mis. Lizzie Payne. of Ohio, v-same 'nome last week and wil] help take tsareiif her mother and grandmother. Öiit ex-inerchant Wm, 15. liane has tnrned granger, and spnds most of his time on his farm, a mile east of the abe. Miss Leah Dodge, of Laingsburg, is üng her brother and l'ainiiy for a v weeks. bran new baby boy came to stay witli Mr. and Mrs. Henry Webber last week Wednesday, and will no doubt prove a thrifty farmer. The school under the lead oí' the teacher Mr. Taylor, had an enjoyable lay's outing last Saturday on the shore of Dead lake, west oi' town., John Turner and Ida Deyhle visited at (has. Pray's, neár Anderson, last Sunday. Quite a number from here attended the quarterly meeting services at the Webster church a week ago Sunday morning, and the rest went to the crusader'8 meeting at Hamburg. Frank Lombard is bappy, as Uncle Sam has placed his name on the pension roll8, and sent him a handsome llttlesum of back pay to start with Frank will make good use of it, never fear. Mrs. Allie Stevens went to Detroit last Saturday rnorning to yisil her niother, who" is serionsly ill in a hos pil al there. ïhere is but faint hope of her recovery. Mis. Rowe, from Plvmouth, has moved into her house here, receiuly vacated by Mrs. Marie Stevens. The second band of crusaders commeneed evangelistie services in the Methodist church, ïhursday eyening. Here's hoping they m iy meat with success. .Mrs. Wiedeman is building a new cottage on her picnic grounds east of the lake, and other parties are looking for locations on which to e reet cottages. As soon as the bicycle path is completed we shall expeet a large inïïux of residents from the university city for the suminer, who can then come and go to their places of business daily if necessary. Let them eome. Mr. Cornwell comes out semi-occaaionally and sailsbi.-i miniature steatn vacht, enjoying the sport and the fishing. John Wiesmyer and wife are spending a few days with friends at Milford. üld Mr. Stilson is on the sick list, and does'nt seem to rally as he has here-to fore. His son from Ann Arbor was up td see him last Sunday. Tliere will be a sermón to the old soldiers here next Sabbath morning. andat Hamburg in theevening, and Rev. Mr. Hicks will go to Clakston to speak at tbeir "])ecoration Day" exercises, making the fourth time he has perfonned a similar service for them. A large band of straggling gypsies, looking like the rag-tag and bobtail of all creation and the far otï isles of the sea, accoinpanied by four bears and a baby, passrd through onr village a few days ago going northward. l'hey did nol get encouragernent enough here to give a public exhibition. Mrs. liev. Ilicks returned last Friday from a two weeks visit at Owosso, and reports a pleasant time, and the dominie ditto during her absence. 8he contemplates a visit with her son and family in Washington, D. O. ere long. Will Spiegelberg has a new annex to j his kitchen and when the wood house ! adjoining it is corapleted, he will have a tozy home. If the weather thaws out this week, the Methodist ladies will give an icecream social on the Lake House lawn next Saturday evemng. Mrs. Marie Stevens has moved into her own house near the railroad, and is Cüzily settled there. Frank Barkei made a business trip to Howell last Momlay. A good sized deputation oí Good Tem piare from Dexter Jo ige, made our lode;e a welcome visit a week ago Saturday evening, and had a good time of uoiirie. Come again. Most of our faimers have their corn planted, and fear that the oold wet weather will cali for a re planting. Grass and wheat are growing splendklly and clover promises to be an unusually large erop this year. Some fruits promise a good yield, but not so large as last year. Mrs. Gillee is visit ing at her old home in Ashley, while our station agent cooks his üwu lish and poiatoes. Miss Mand Moes is spending a few days with Mr. H. 1'. Dodge's family. Dr.Smith has resumecl his practice as of yore. lfamburg veterans will have Decora! ion day exercises in the cemetery there next Saturday afternoon. Our hotels have been completely renovated tliroughout, and are iiow readyfor their summer guests who will shortly begin to arrive. A busy and profitable season is anticipated. A Sunday school convention for the town of Webster is to be held June 4th afternoon and evenin?, at the Webster Method st chuten, and Messrs Goddard and Calkins, president and secretary of the Washt naw county S. S. issociation are expected to be present and particípate in the program of exercises. A proütable session is expected.


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