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A spirit of enthusiasm seems to be springing up among all the U. of M. alumni of the state, for local associations are being formed ia almost every city where a few loyal graduates are gatheved together. If the criticism bas been a just one, which has held that in the part, devotion to their Alma flater was somewhat lacking in Michigán's sous and daughtera, it will surely cease to be true in the face of this change of sentiment. Ann Arbor itself is not to be behind in this good work, as all the women in, and around the city who have ever attended the university, are invited to a meeting at four o'clock, next Saturday, in the Woman s gymna sium, to see about organizing a loca associatioii. Those holding tickets to the Faculty concerts had the pleasure of listening to a very line organ recital grven at University Hall last evening by Mr. Llewelyn L. Ilenwick. Mr. Benwiek has a wide reputation and an organist and the numbers of last night's concert were very happily chosen, as they served not only to please the taste of the audience, but also to show his power and skill as a musician. Mrs. Elizabeth Hyde, a former resident of this city but who since the death of her daughter has not returned to Arm Arbor, has been spending a few days with Mrs. Warden of División street. Mr. Robert Hyde, a young man formerly of this city, but now studying interior decoration at the Art Academy in Chicago, has been visiting friênds here for the past few days. Prof. Walter, who bas made in the mány summers he has spent abroad a large number of friends on tbe other side of the water, is now entertaining M. Viennot, the Assistant Librarían of the National Library of Trance, ïhough M.Yiennot can speak but little English, he is never-the less very much interested in all that is , American, and before returning to France, he and Frof. Walter intend tuking an extended trin through Korthern Michigan, consm and Minnesota, and on to Yellowstone Park. Mr. and Mrs. James Angelí of Chicago and Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Angelí of Detroit have been in the city f or the past few days visiting Dr. and Mrs. Angelí and holding a small faroily reunion in view of the long seperation which is so soon to take place. "An evening with Shakespeare" is the'titleof a most interesting lecture to be given tonight at University hall by Prof. Demmon. Stereoptican views, taken trom rare old prints, will be used to illustrate the lecture throughout. In spite of the wet weather which has so persistently dashed the hopes of the young people, picnic parties are at present much in favor, and groups of young folks are every where to be found planning excursions to all sorts of pretty places, from the Boulevard to "Whitmore Lake. Perhaps the largest and most enterprising crowd we have heard of, was the one consisting of the Misses Kewland, Stanley, Hegeier, Cooley, Knowlton and McLemore, and Messrs. Field, borden, George, Comstock, Galbraith, Cooley and Dr. McClymonds who under the Chaperonage of" Mrs. Gardiner Lamson took the train for Zukey Lake last Saturday morning, with the result oí' a delightful day. The reception which was to have been held at the Congregational ehurch last evening, in order to give all the members a chance to say good-bye to Dr. and Mrs. Angelí, has been indeñnitely postponed, because of the unexpected cali of the President to Washington. It is doubtful now whether or not an evening can be found for the reception as the President's time isvery múch occupied. This wíll no doubt be a source of keen dissapointment to many, for perhaps in no place will the absence of the President and his wife be more keenly feit than among the ehurch people with whom they have been such earnest workers and friends for so many years. The beautif ui home of Mr. and Mrs Babcock, on División street, was the scène of a very pretty musicale last Friday evening. given in honor of Miss . Stares, cf Chicago. The musical selections of Miss Stares and the vocal solos of Mrs. Babcock formed the major part of the program and were very much enjoyed. After the music, ices and light ref reshments were served. Also in honor of Miss Stares a musicale was given Alonday evening ar, the home of Miss Ellen Bach, on South Main street. The Ann Arbor people who were so ! fortúnate as to meet Miss Una Abel, the actres, when she spent some weeks in our city a year or so ago, will be pleased to learn that she is steadily rising in her profession, and next son is to play the part of leading lady with Crane. The class of '99 gives the last dancing social of the season next Monday night at Grangsr's. ïhis is to be a shirt waist party, and it is hoped itwill prove the most enjoyable one of the season. Miss Mabel Turner, of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, is entertaining her'mother for two weeks. The friends who have been v;itching he success of Miss Ernma Fischer as a eacher of music, will be interested to earn that she has recently been appointed to a position in the Faculty of the School of Music. She will have the place of Miss White, who intends returning to her home in Texas. The Democbax is sorry to report that the eondition of Miss Maud McOmber, who has been ill now for nearly 15 weeks at the home of her brother. on Jefferson street, is scarcely if any, improved.


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