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Conche., TKCE STORE La_est X ÍL LAST CROWNING SALE IN OUR OLD QUARTERS 5r f amlEdge, GRAND FINALE' OF THE STORE'S USEFUL AND ÍSUCCESSFCL CAREER. WAIT FOR IT- PREPARE in the City. X Tnfted Top, F0R IT- SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR IT- IT WILL PAY YÖÜ TO COME TO IT. Prices # X OK 7K UrVT lijm CATIIDHRV IIIMC E - - Bargains ! liarjrahis! Xothiiift but Iïargains that lay. Tou'll see a few of them COOTÍICOK M NEXT WEEK SATUnUAY, JUNE 5 - m '''"'ss1'- ")Tiics"$29 to $95 ËLast Browning Sale, Suits, Skirts, Capes and Jackets ï S5 95 - Our Last Suit Summons- $5.95 2 HIGHEST PERFECTION IN LADIES' TAILOR MADE SUITS, . J Worth to You $25.00, $20.00, $16.50, $15.00, $13.50, $12.50. J Black, Greens, Yale Blue, Navys, Purples, Scotch Mixtures, Broad. cloths, Etaroines, Moliairs, Serges, Worsteds, Coverts, Silk Lined # Skirts and Jackets - Styles the Latest - Make the Best. Your Choice of this Splendid Collection 1 $5.95 For One Day, June 5 $5.95 Uot Prru,nnn Qolo QUirtc LAST GROWNING SALE- Z J Last browning bale-bkirts CAPES AND JACKETS $15.00 Skirts, Silks, Orepons, Moire Velours as yrf " g] { % good as mouey win purcnase, tor one day ao UO .. ,. i rn xi . .■ A TA ! % Satín and Cloth A F" -c- t-JeA y # #" 12.00 Brocaded Silks and Satiiis, Silk Lined, Capes, worth 25, U'L TWvU C Cheviots, Etc., Black and Colored 6-39 k-'mi Si 5 $10. W ]Q Ê W 8-00 Broadcloth, Etamine, Cheviot, Novelty 'Your Choice ijlw ? Á F h(A Cloth Skirts ' 4.95 & f 1 5.00 Skirts, Black and Colored Brilliantines, Any Jacket m The Store ■KW. 1 l V MoHairs, Sergas, Cheviots a,d Fancy worth np to b20, at $5 MM Jj f f Cloths 2.69 75 Jackets, Black and ítJfl&t: 5 2 50 Skirts, Black and Colored Brilliantines, Colored, worth up to $10 U IJJ zi====MiÊ # one day, $1.69 and 1.50 at 98c 1 t '%Éfe ast Crotoning Sale-Lincns L . '. '-.Jpf 40c Bleached and Unbleaohd Damask 33c M '' X;il 50 Bleaoned and Unbleached Table Damask 39c % ÍÍHIffe, 60c Bleached and Unbleached ïable Damask 47c M ISCtIÈ 75c Bleached and Unbleached Table Damask 59c M '.S $1.00 Bleached and Unbleached Table Damask. ..79c m $1-00 Napkins 79c $1.35 Napkins 98c M -IIHSlBfiH $1.50 Napkins 8115 5-2.00 Napkins 81.50 % ":':Ê K% $2.50Napkit 81.85 8300 Napkins ....S2.35 Xfi S4 00Napklu. -2.98 $4.50 Napkins Y3.69 M $?SsmP' 8c Linen Crash 4c 12c Linen Crash..l2c L Last Crotoning Sale- Laces ■ijLÉ L Up to 12 inches wide Oriental Lace?, all at -f M worth to 30c ONE PR1CE &JLS1 JFv M Up to 12 inches wide Pointe Venice -m p?'ü?ffl ÉüL k Laces, worth to 35c klí '" ül M Up to 12 inches wide Pointe Flanders IlíÉWP W Laces, worth to 25c ■' MM V&ri&'&KMC k Up to 3 inches wide Linen Torchon I ffiíil M Laces, worth to 15c ■ I wi HÜÊr' M Up to 6 inches wide Torchon Laces, M II Y--' "!7cáíTy worth toI5c tSÉÈ#MI' M New BnchingB- Chiffon, Silk and Satin, all colore, 25c a yd. np im!Ée&"i?r . JS Last Crotoning Sale X (pJè?)' Ladies' Handkerchiefs m L 'ill rlll'vVi Ladies' Pure Linen Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, -üïirC' cheap at 15c, one day 6c C iSl I Iv"-] Ladies' Hemstitched Fine Handkerchiefs 5c 5 _ 3=C Ladies' Pure Silk Handkerchiefs, Handsomely - ZZÏSfk Embioidered, worth 25c, one day 5c V jZ&Zf Boy's and Girls' School Handkerchiefs, 5 cent M "rSt valué, for lc 1 Last Crotoning Sale Jshfo L f Wrappers and Waists ïE M 51.00 Best Calicó Wrappers- Dark- Ne west _ ylrai F'-ÏBv % Mak- one day 69C PWy rlllf1 ' Shirt Waists worth S1.00, $1.25, 81.50, SI 75, Li''%A'W. One Day, Saturday, June 5....Í 23C 4_VV) ; LAST CROWNING SALE % (Or? 1 SILK UMBRELLAS X lÍ I S1.45 Silk Umbrellas '. 98c M VfeftS H j. Best Karola Silk, Best Paragon Frame, NatL iff iiifllfci ura Wood Handles, Wear Guaranteed, -C P-5 P S2.50 Silk Umbrellas $1.39 % ''L üaHBj Bfc Best Silk Serge, Steel Rod, Sorched Congo 9 dB i Handle, Sterling Silver and Gold Mounted LAST CROWNING SALE Jtfe, ' E WASH DRESS GOODS % "Mf Great Lot 12c and 10c Dimities 5c b 35c, 25c, 20c, 15c Imported and Domestic &!ffln MmW J M ties 12 "BS(-V ))% l 15c Light Effects in Satines 8c jf) C C Wkx. .k. Ak.A . tv . i Last Crotoning Sale, Ladies' and Misses' f SIEIOIES. E. P. Reed's Best made Ladies' Shoes, worth 14.50, S4.00, S375 for one day $2.60 M E. P. Iteed's Ladies' Fine Kid Shoes, worth $3.25, 83.00, 82.75 for one day 1.83 M $2.25 Misses' Kid, Button, and Lace Shoes 1.85 k 82.00 Misses' Kid, Button, and Lace Shoes 1.49 Ê $1.75 Misses' Kid and Kangaroo Shoes, in many styles for one day 1.39 M 1.50 Misses, Kid and Kangaroo Calf Shoes, newest make, j all styles, Black, Chocolate and Oxblood 1.29 Ê $1.25 Children's Lace and Button Shoes, Plain, Pat. Tip, and Foxed; Black and all colors . . .98 M $1.00' Dongola Kid, Button, Pat, Tip Shoés. . ? 89 .75 Dongola Kid, and Calf, Children's Shoes, Coin Toe. .69 Ê .35 Infanta Soft Soled Shoes, Black and Colored 24 J S11K OI0V6S Jfe. ) 25c Fast Black Taffeta @5Êk iflflk { Gloves 12ÍSC f'y - Ï30P ja 50c Pure Silk Fast Black "" A -f ' ff , A2 Gloves 25c áSSfíLl ■ fó&2 f 75c Pure Silk Fast Black i? {i . : Cf'3, -f C Gloves 37%C -- $1.00 Pure Silk Fast 0(JJ fflgf" 1 Black Gloves 5Oc f iS'.. -'!'J&m ' M Last Crowning Sale of Domestics Fruit of the Loom and Lonsdale 6%C L 7c Yard Wide Bleached Cotton 4%C Best 5c Unbleached Cotton .■ 3%c C 8c Atlantic A Unbleached Cotton 5ïgc f Best 10c Colored Shirting 7c C Best 10c Toile du Nord Ginghams 7%c M Best 5c Aprou Check Ginghams 3%C Best 20c Carpet Warp 15c M 18c Doublé Faced Drapery Cantón Flannel 7". . 7 c 18c Best Feather Ticking 12%C M Lrast Grewning Sale of Hesier y Ladies' Seamless Fast Black Hose, the 2 5T for a quarter kiud 7c SSkèjK M Ladies' Onyx Fast Black, best 25c Hose 18c 4vlÍÍ WÊÉ'I M Three Pairs for 50c JmmSff i Ladies' Home Knit Hose, extra Heavy . 5c '"';jfW ' f i Men's 10c Extra Heavy Seamless Sox . . 5c lv-y M fc. ftw k. s. v. W k. . . . _. . . ofys Garpet Sale das ? f The New Tariff Bill wiil advance f L thePrice of Carpets 18 to % 20 per cent. j X COMMENCING SATURDAY, MAY 29, ENDING SATUhDAY, JUNE 5 Our spring Carpet trade has been satisfactory - . very satis f ador y . But appreciating fully tibe trade of { r our old customers, and readily acknowledging our greed W L for new ones, we have decided to make carpets and car pet prices very drawing cards for eight days. # k Every Yard of Carpet in Our Stock f GOES INTO THIS SALE. L f Ingrain Carpets, the quality you have always . been asked 30 cents for, go in this sale at 20 cents. Large assortment of Union Carpets, in newest f shades and patterns, carpets that are sure to give good wear, worth 45c, now 35 cents. { Best Cotton Chain Ingrains. These are very M desirable carpets, the warp threads are cotton, and the filling is all wool, making a good, firm carpet. All r new, spring patterns, 55c values, at 43 cents. f ; IN THE FACE OF ADVANCING TARIFF we offer all wool carpets at the following reductions, for { r Eight Days only : y Some Extra Heavy All Wool Carpeta- equal to wht most dealers sell as the --we offer { r at only 49 cents a yard. All Wool Extra Super Ingrains in large variety of patterns, and colorings. These goods can not { r be duplicated at less than 62 cents, and we offer them k until June 5th at 55 cents a yard. % Our Kidderminster Carpets. Here's a carpet # r filling a long feit want. A better, stronger, carpet than k the Extra Super, at a less price than the Agra. We % make it our leader, knowing positively th&t it will in all M cases give satisfaction. Regular price 70 cents. Eight J days price 59 cents. C Agra Carpets, the grade other dealers cali the M best. Price, 80 cents. Sale price, 70 cents a yard. Strongest Agra on the market, the 90c grade, % we offer for Eight Days at 80 cents a yard. X Tapestry Brussels. A large stook of new pat} terns will go at from 50c to 75c a yard. C . . ALL . . C : BODY-BRUSSELS CARPET fT f SñGRIFIGE). We show an enormous stock of Body Brussels, C some remnants, some half rolls, some two-third rolls, w and quantities of full rolls. Your wants are as apt to fall under one class as another, so to reduce the whole { we offer any of the $1.00 quality, in large or srnall , quantity, at 80 cents per yard. % The Best Body Brussels made, guaranteed to be the best five frame, and unequaled at less than $1.25. f , For Eight Days only, you take your choice of all pat% terns at 98 cents per yard. M All Ingrain, Japanese, Smyrna, Ispaham, Arabian, W , and Moquette Rugs, all Matting- in fact all kinds of floor covering, are found in our Carpet Room, and are f ' all included in this sale. ( These goods must advance in price. The financier C saves money buying now. M . ,kw . W . A. ▲. . . . . DRYGOODS. PÍ649 FURNITURE. Ph50ne 54, 56, 58, and 60 Main Street, Ann Arbor.


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