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Washington, May 25.- The death of Senator Earle, of South Carolina, I sulted in a qulck adjournment oL the senate yesterday. Tillman of South lina made the formal announcement and offersd a resolution expressing the protound sorrow of the senate. As a further mark of respect the senate adjcurned. The pession of the house was also brief, that body adjourning in honor of the memory of Senator Earle. McMIUln pet in a resol Jtion providing for the consideration of the Cuban belligerency resoïuticn, which went to the rules committee. Washington, May 26.- The debate on the tariffi bill began in the senate yesterday with erowded galleries and a large attendance of senators and the taiiff leaders of the house. Minor business claimed attention up to 2 p. m., when Aldrich, in charge of the tariff bill, had the measure laid before the spnate and took the floor for the ing speech. At that time every available seat in the galleries was occupied. The Republican side of the floor showed an almost solid representation, there being cnly three or four vacant seats. The Democrats also presented full ranks, and the scattered seats of the Populists were occupied with but one exception. Dingley, chairman of the ways and means committee and autho'r of the house bilí, took a seat immediately beside Aldrich and listened attentively. Other Republican members of the ways and means committee and Simpson, of the Populist contingent, occupied the rear lounges. Speaker Reed was not present.


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