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Nearly all the business houses, fifteen in number, and several dwellings in the town of Calumet, Ia., on the Iowa Central railway. were burned, causing a loss of $50,000. Fire at Jersey City burned all night and rendered sixty families homeless. Oscar Wilde was released from prison at London yesterday after servlng two years for unmentionable practices, as alleged. The big lens for the Terkes telescope at Lake Geneva has arrived in Chicago from Boston. Frank Miller has been convicted at Columbus, O , of murder in the flrst degree for killing Mrs. Saluda Miller, the wife of his employer. Lord Wolseley proposes to begin reform in the army by abolishing the cocked hats and feathers worn by staff officers. The town cf Talihina, I. T., wlth the exoepticn of the stores of Miller and Thomas Bros., waS destroyed by fire. Friday, May 81. Lillian Russell has begun suit for divorce from her latest husband, Sig. Perugini (John Chatterton). Fire did $150,000 damage in Meriden, Miss. The Belknap Savings bank closed lts doors at Laconia, N. H. About $1,000,000 is due depositors. The bank will go into voluntary liquidation. The Canadian house of commons has passed a bicycle baggage bilí. Horatio King, postmaster general in Buchanan's administration and a literateur of some note, died at Washington yesterday, aged 85. The oldest university is that of Paris, which is more than 1,100 year old. Oxfcrd is almost as old. The town of Bonanza, in Castor county, Ida., was destroyed by fire. Saturday, May 22. Black Hawk, the chief of the Winnebagoes, will visit the Iowa state fair this summer. The chief is now 90 years old. Heavy rains have swollen the Rio Grande and other streams in New Mexico and considerable damage has been done. A 14-year-cld daugftter of Charles Caneman, living near Hortonville, Wis., has disappeared. Governor Bradley, of Kentucky, has directed State Inspector Lester to start on a tour of the counties where tollgate outrages are being perpetrated to cooperate vith the offlcers of those counties and aid them in enforcing the law. California farmers, through their various organizations, are working hard to seuurea free market andatransportation center. Henry B. Cheatham, the colored man vho has been appointed recorder of deeds for the District of Columbia, is" a large property owner in the District. Monday, May. !S4 After striking for four years at a cost to the unión of $1,000,000, the flint glass v.'orkers have admitted -defeat and declared the strike off. Governor Ellerbee, of South Caralina, will in all probability appoint John L. McLaurin as the successor of the late United States Senator Earle. Richard M. Scrugg-s, a St. Louis merchar.t prominent in religious affairs; has been arrested at New York for srauggling- and the contrabrand found on his person. Jame Allen Rice, mayor of Cantón, O., has entered the race for the Democratie nemination for governor of the Buckeye State. The Duke of Ttuan has decided not to resign from the Spanish cabinet as the result of his "scïap" with Professor Comas. The Third National bank of New York has practically gone out of business. The accounts are being transferred to the National City bank. Abe Donaldson, Mrs. Shreves and Miss Martin were drowned in, Beaver creek, Nicholas county, W. Va., while attempting to cross on a log. Miss Cordius Colé, of Bedford, la,, capíured the elocutionary contest medal at Hardln college, Mexico, Mo.( her subject being "To the Lions." Txiesday, M.ay 25. The snow in the timber is even with the top of the jack pines, eight and ten feet in height, between Saratoga and the Savery country in Woyming. Banker Johnson, of Loganspoit, Ind., arrested on a charge of embezzling $300,000, is in jail at Indianapolis, having failed to secure sureties for $25,000 bail. The present of the sultan of Turkey to Emperor William, a large collection of costly, ancient Turkish "weapons, has been placed on view in the royal arsenal of Berlin. Providence, R. I., has decided to try the "potato patch" plan for relieving the unemployed, and $450 of the necessary $1,000 has already been raised by subscription. W. H. Hale, of Machias, Me., has several panes of glass in his house which have resisted the hailstorms sinee 1775. The glass of several Windows is in the same sash placed in the house 121 years ago. Deputy Sheriff Ben Quarles shot and killed Ben Scott at Livingston, Tenn. The deputy was in charge of Scott's goods, that had been attaehed by his wife, and Scott attacked hira with an axe. Wednesday, Hay 26. Professor W. F. Mittmann, formerly dancing master at the Germania club, Chicago, shot himself in the head and S then threw himself from the balcony of the thirteenth floor of the Chamber of Commerce building in that city. Fire destroyed the wholesale groeery Btore of Smith Bros., and badly damaged the groeery stock of J. M. Dixon & Co., on Bay street, Savannah, Ga. Loss, J 60,000; fully insured. During a display of fireworks at Nantes, France,four persons were killed and a score of people were injured by the explosión of a bomb. The New York Herald's correspondent in Guatemala cables that the government has issued a decree suspendir.g specie payments for six months. The supreme court of Missouri affirmed the sentence against Pollard. col! ored, for killing Joseph Irvin in St. Jo seph in July. 1SS5, and fixed June 25, , IS9T, as the date for the executlon. ; I li.ports from Mason and Carson val lsys, Nev., are to the effect that the late frosts have killed most of the fruit crops in those places.


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