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Chicago, May 25. Pollowing were Uie quotations on the Board of Trade toda;.-; Wheat- May, orened nominal, closad 72%c; July, opened 71 He, clcscd 70%c; December, openod GSc, clcsed 67%c. Corn- May, opened 24%c. closed 24c; July, opened and clcsed 2i%c; September, opened and closed SSííc. Oats - May, opened and closed 17%o; July, opened and closed 17%c; September, opened and closed 17%c. Pork- May, opened $8.17!2. elosed nominal: July, opened $8.20, closed $8.15. Lard- May, opened $3.67%, closed nominal; July, opened and closed $3.72V. Produce: Butter - Extra creamery, 14%c per lt; extra dairy, 12c; fresh packinpr stock, 6@7c. Egs - Fresh ttocks, lCc per dozen. Live Poultry- Tuikeya, 7@8c per 1b; chickens, 7%c; ducks, 78c. Potatoes - Burbanks, 21@ 2Sc per bu. Honey - White cldver, 11 12Vc per tb; imperfect, 7@9c. Apples- Comrcon to fancy, $1.50@)3.C0 per bbl. Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, May 25. Hogs - Estimated receipts for the day, ES. 000; sales ranged at ?2.25@3.72y2 pigs, $3.eO@3.7G fcr light, I3.35@3.45 for rough packing, $;í.55(í?3.721í. for mixed, and {3.5O@3.72Vi for heavy packing and shipping lots. Cattle - Estimated receipta for the dav. 2,000; quotationa ranged at $5.15@5.45 for ehoice to extra shipping Bteera, $4.6C@5.10 good to ehoice do., $4.25 @4.80 fair to good. $3.85@4.30 common to meduim do., $3.70@4.20 butchers' steens, $3.6004.00 stockers. $4.10@4.60 feeders, $2.00@4.15 cows, ?2.60@4.60 heifers, $2.60@4.25 bulls. oxen and stags, $3.20@4.50 Texas steers, and $3.50@6.10 veal calves. Sheep and' Lambs - Estimated recelpts for the öay. 11,000; quotattons ranged at $3.50@4.S0 westerns, $2.70@4.10 Texans. $2.50@4.90 natlves, and $3.25@5.60 lambF. Milwaukeo Gratn. Milwaukee, May 2íí. Wheat - 'Weak: Xq. 2 spring, 74Vic: No. 1 northern, 77V2c; July, ÏOHc Corn - Steady; No. 3, 24c. Oats- Dul! and lcwer; No. 2 white 21@22c. Bariey- Quiet and steady: No. 2, 32%c; samples, 2&H@32c. Rye- Lower, No. 1, 364c. fait. Luuis Gr tin St. Louis, May 25. Wheat - Lower; No. 2 cash elevator, S7c bid, 90c asked; track, 88@89%c; No. 2 hard cash. SOc asked; July, "3%c bid. Corn - Lower; No. 2 cash, 23c bid; July, 22V28'22=sC. Oats- Weak; No. ï cash, lS%c bid. Rye- Flrm; 34c track. Detroit Grain. Detroit, May 25. Whpat- Carli white, 8714c Md; cash red, 87c asked; May, 87c asked; July, 74%c asked.


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