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The office of the "VVashtenawEvening Times has been moved into Crombie & Stone's drug store. The Ladies' Literary Society met at tli e home of Miss francés Higley, Wednesday afternoon. The formal installation of Rev. IS. F. Aldrich as pastor of the Congregational church will take place on June 11. The ball game between the Normal and Albion teams was won by the Normals, the score standing 11 to 0. Xext Friday evening, May 28, will oecur the long talked of debate between the Normal and Albion college students. Next Tuesday evening Miss Bethlea Ellis, soprano, assisted by Mrs. Rebekah Scotten Day, of Detroit, will give the fourth senior recital in Xormal hall. An invitation is extended to all to be present. The several grades in the Training School will observe "Public Day" Friday morning, June 18, when patrons or others interested in the school are invited to be present. The gymnasium classes will hold public exercises on Friday, June 18. at 3 p. m. and at 8 p. m. These will include both class individual movements. Admission may be had by application to Prof. Bowen. Some of the sidewalks in the city are in a shaniefully bad condition. Particularly is this true of the street crossings in many places, where they are not only a disgrace to the city, but are actually dangerous. Miss Marsh, of Detroit, has been hired by the State Board of Education as a teacher of music in the Conservatory. The board at its meeting last Friday also decided to finish the grading of the Normal grounds, the west end oí' which will be nsed for tennis courts and a ball ground. The Conservatory recital Tuesday evening was greeted with a packed house, and the program was carried out to the satisfaction of all concerned. Miss Lavina Parsons gave her vocal numbers in a most praiseworthy manner, whüe the instrumental numbers by Miss Bird and Frank Smith were also finely executed. The Devil, considered from the standpoint of history and literature, was the subject of a lecture by Dr. Fleming Carrow, in St. Luke's church house last Tuesday evening. Without betraying an intímate acquaintance with his subject, Dr. Carrow gave a most scholarly and interesting address, whieh was highly appreciated by the audience. The bright sunshine of last week thawed out the flower thieves, and the owners of fine flowers of any description may prepare to put a padlock on them at night or lose them. Last Friday night the work of two years was undone by thieves who robbed C. E. Lambert's narcissus bed, and on Saturday night all the blossoms were stolen from Mrs. R. II. Kestell's geranium bed. Ypsilanti Chapter Xo. 119, O. E. S., held a special meeting Monday evening, and initiated the following candidates: George M. Gaudy, Mrs. Xellie A. Gaudy, Mrs. Violetta R. Wells, Miss Minnie E. Moore. Chas. S. Sweet, Walter L. Fuller, Clifford R. Hueston, Bert H. Comstock and W. L. Pack. A banquet was served after the initiation, at which 75 persons were present, including 7 visitors from Ann Arbor. Fine crops of dandelions are being raised by some of our citizens this sunmier. The seed will be distributed free of charge through the surrounding territory, and those landowners who have worked patiently this summer to keep their laws free from the pest, will tind a similar task awaiting them next year. If the ringing of a curfew bell, and the removal of the ladies' hats at evening entertainm?nts be subjects of suflicient importance to engage the attention of our legislators, could they not with proflt turn their gigantic intellecls toward the dandelion question? "We Don't Speak as We Pass By," was the song of the Light Guards and the G. A. R. last week. It has been the custom for the old and the young soldiers to join forces in the parade on Memorial Day, also at church service on the Sunday preceding. This year the Light Guard band requested SI per member, making $25 in all, for furnishing music for the exercises. The G. A. R. found that the Maccabee band, part of the members of which are not residents of the city, would play a little cheaper, and hired them. The Light Guards, not approving of the manner in which the matter had been handled, declined with thanks the invitation of the G. A. R. to take part in the exercises. Later the G. A. R. decided to accept the proposition of the Light Guard band, and both bands will take part in the parade. , Thus a port ion of the $50, which sum was donated by the city to be used in Memorial Day observance, will remain with our brave young soldiers. Xext Monday, at 1:15 p. m., the line will form on Congress st. and maren to the Methodist church where appropriate exercises will be held. Following this the procession will march to the cemetery, where the concluding exercises will be held. Proí. M. A. Whitney is about closing a most suceessful school year in Elgi 111. Trof. Wliitney's school board have complimented liim in the highest terms on the excellent work he has done, and have raised his salary frorn $1,800 to -52,000 for the coming year. 1'. W. Shute will open his home on ïiamilton street, on June 1, as a swell hotel with rates at Í3.U0 per day. It will be designated "The Waldorf," and an efTort will be made to satisfy the most fastidious. - Times. The Normal-Albion ball game last Saturday resulted in a score of 11 to 6, In favor of the Normal team. This makes 4 games lost and 2 games won by the Normáis ia the Intercollegiate series A decided success in every particular was the entertainment given at the Normal gymnasium last Friday evening. The exercises, which were varied and exceedingly interesting, were carried out in the most praiseworthy manner, and were received with much applause by the audience. A pair of fancy Indian clubs were won by Miss Mildred Smith, who showed remarkable proficiency in their use, while Mrs. Burton and Mr. J3owen each received beautiful floral gif ts f rom the library board. The entertainment was repeated Saturday afternoon. Thirty-six dollars were cleared by the Library Association from these entertainments.


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