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Mayor Harding Did His Part, But The City Fathers Didn't Do The Rest

Mayor Harding Did His Part, But The City Fathers Didn't Do The Rest image
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A special meeting of the common council was called by Mayor Harding last Friday cvening, to receive the report of the special committee and the board of public works in regard to thé electric light towers. It was found im possilile to procure a competent person to light the towers for less than $2.00 a day, and then the city will not be released from a suit for personal injury in case of accident. The special committee stated that in their opinión the towers cannot be repaired while standing, and that they would have to be taken down if replaced by new ones; they therefore recommended that the towers be taken down immediately and the lamps distributed throughout the city. A motion to adopt this report was lost by a vote of 4 to 5, and the lamps will remain in the towers, unlit, until the towers tumble down or the council takes a tumble and reconsiders the matter. It is not the wish of the city council to light the whole of AVashtenaw county, and the point made by some that the towers light a long distance into the country, might be met by the quettion whether it would not be better to have the lights where they Will do the city the most good, and let the country take care of itself . Another question: would not the city have a heavy damage suit on its hands in case of accident to any person by the falling of the condemned towers?


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