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Prof. E. A. Lyman of the U. of M. is seriously ill. FredBesimer is building a boat-house on his Strawberry lake land. E. 8. Gilmore has been in Colnmbus, Ohio, on Y. M. C. A. business. Judge Kinne has severed the tie that bound Wm. Pease to Minnie Pease. Dr. J. W. Morton has contributed $100 to the Y. M. C. A. building fund. F. II. Belser is enlarging and improving the appearance of his residence on Thayer st. Geo. O. Frye has Gen. Spaulding's O. K. on his application for the postmaster's job at Emery. The time in which to arrange a Fourth of July celebration in Ann Arbor is growing short. There are 82 patients at the hospitals and plenty more to take their places when they are discharged. Gu8 Blaess has secured a position on the engineer corps of the Illinois Central railroad with headquarters at Chicago. Get your paints, oils, and window shades at C. II. Major's, the artistic decorator, at 23 East Washington street. Elocution recital at High School hall tonight for the benefit of the newly -organized High School Oratorical Association. John Lutz, member of the Democratie county committee for Saline township, was in the city Monday morning. There will be no school in the ward schools Monday, but patriotic exercises ■will be held in the ward schools this afternoon. The Ann Arbor road has made arrangements to stop the Sunday train at the Pontiac st. crossing on its return from the lakes. Miss Lizzie Kenny, of this city, will sing at the commencement exercises at the school at Foster's station, Thursday evening, June 3. A very successf ui cock fight is said to have taken place at Portage lake last öaturday night. Ann Arbor furnished the birds. W. I!. Phillips, manager of the Inland Press, was called to "Watertown, New York, this week, on account of the Budden death of his father. The Lansing Journal says that the marriage of Iloward Bement, of that city, and Miss Douglas, of Ann Arbor, will be soleranized June 24. C. H. Major, the artistic decorator at 23 East Washington Street, is selling wall paper from 5 cents a roll and upwards in all the latest designs. Miss Elizabeth Cooley, of Las Vegas New Mexico, who has been studying music the past winter in New York is visiting Miss Ellen B. Uach. Joseph Soper, manager of the Ilay & Todd Mnfg.Co., will remove his famih from Ypsilanti soon. They will be a welcome addition to our community. Albert Blaess has begun the erection of aboat-house on his grounds atZukey lake. When completed, the building will be dedicated with imposing ceremonies. The Vandawarker building, 16 South Main street, is being remodeled, and when it again emerges from the hands of the artizans it will be a modern busi ness block. L. C. Goodrich, grand lecturer of the Michigan Grand Chapter of Koyal Aren Masons, was in Allegan and Kal amazoo this week, holding schools of instruction. An overturned lamp caused a smal] blaze in the Times office. Saturday night. ïhe greatest damage was done by the water, which the flre department used unsparingly. Seems to be an off year for baseball in Ann Arbor. The '98 L. team went to Ilowell, Saturday, and were nicely walloped by a team of pumpkin huskers picked up for the occasion. The Children's Missionary Society, of the Congregational church, will give a Japanese entertainment and sale, in the church parlors, Saturday afternoon, May 29, from 4 to 6. Admission ten cents. The Oak Grove club at Zukey have settled their differences by dividing their property. Albert Blaess, Fred Brown and M. M. Seabolt each take vacant lots and the other members take the club house. The young men of the English Lutheran church are to give a series of socials, commencing in the near future with an outdoor ice cream social. It is hoped they will be as successful as the ladies have been. John Wilcutt was driving on Packard street with a load of hay Monday, when the Ypsilanti car frightened his horses and started a runaway, which resulted in a broken wagon and serious injuries to Mr. Wilcutt. Ths house of John Smoots on Forest ave. was looted by tramps last Friday night while the family was absent. About 8100 worth of clotbing and jewelry were obtained. The fellows slept in the barn on the premises of Ernest Eberbach that night, and went on to Ypsilanti the next day, where all trace of them was lost. Ambrose Kearney will reopen the grocery store of J. W. Eisle, on Fourth ave. Members of Co. A will elect Capt. Granger's successor next Wednesday night. Much to the regret of the members of the company Dean Seabolt has asked for a discharge from the A. A. Light nfantry. The water company is overhauling and repairing the fire bydrants. The Washington street station is being graded and otherwise improved. ïhe subject of the fourth Wesleyan guild lecture by the Rev. Charles F. ïhwing, D.D., president of Adelbert College, will be " The Principie of Love, The Fhilosopher's and Christian's Absolute." That new home of Trof. Trueb lood's is beginning to show its large and graceful proportions. The first story will be constructed of stone and brick, the second will be covered with shingle John Mahlke has the contract. Oscar Luick took a tumble at the planing mili, Monday, with the net result of a fractured ankle. This is tough on Oscar, but " there are others " who will have vacant places on their programs while he is in dry doek. At the meeting of the Michigan Historical Society at Lansing, June 2 and 3, Judge Grant will read a paper on "The Life of Gov. Felch," and L. D. Watkins, of Manchester, will treat the great flnancial convulsión of 1893-4. Our oíd friend Lew Clements, who is always found near the head of the procession, sends The Democrat the program of the Annual May Festival, which he has organized and conducted to a successf ui issue at his new home in Wheeling, West Virginia. John F. Lawrence has added a veranda to his cottage at Strawberry Point, which is calculated to contribute to the comfort and convenience of sojourners at that pleasant camp. The architecture of the new improvement is of the Goodrich Loomis renaissance. Dr. Fleming Carrow was down in Ypsilanti this week and told the good people of that city all about the devil. As the doctor occupies an office next door to that of the Democrat philosopher, the source of his information requires no further explanation. If you want some reliable information expressed in the queen's most f orcible English, concerning the character and general cussedness of a certain fellow now sojourning at Strawberry lake, jast cali at the fire department and ask the chief to see those fish. O. M. Martin's ambulance was out twice yesterday, first to carry a lady patiënt from the M. C. depot to the hospital, and second to carry Mr. Wilcutt, who was injured on Packard street by a runaway, to his brother's residence on 13eakes street.- Times. A. P. Ferguson, whom everyone about Ann Arbor knows, spent three days here last week, shaking hands with friends and incidentally seüing a few hundred dollars' worth of buggies. Mr. Ferguson is now the general manager of the Pepe-Weber Carriage Co. of St, Louis, Mo., and is making a business trip through the north. Game Warden Scott meant business when he said the fish laws should be enforced in this neck of the woods, and the facility with which he gets about from one fishing resort to another at all hours of the night reminds one of the days when nocturnal visits to farmers' watermelon patches was a f ashion able pastime with young men. William WieBthofE, of Foster Station, passed away Sunday morning af ter a short illness of hemorrhage of the lungs, leaving a widow and three children to mourn his loss. Deceased was a farmer, and was much respected by those with whom he carne in contact. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at Bethlehem church, llev. J. Xeurnann ofliciating. Last Saturday night a colored woman intent upon teaching her spouse a lesson in the art of home coming arnied herself with a stout club and sallied forth into the darkness. The delinquent was eneountered on Fourth ave. near Mummery's drug store and then trouble began. Ilubby had a horse whip but the club was trump and that darkey got a thumping that he will not forget before the next change in the moon. Two juveniles, named Golz andKrug, broke into W. AV. AVetmore's book store Sunday night and secured about $75 worth of f ountain pens, peneils, knives, base balls, etc. Ollieers Üweet andCanfield soon located the offenders, who confessed and restored the plunder. The boys were aged respectively 8 and 11 years. The Golz boy was released on payment of damages. The other, who is the eider, will be sent to the reform school. At noon today a bright, young fellow fromthe First ward school brought to The Times office the following petition, which we commend to the attention of our citizens: "AVe, the undersigned Young Americans of the First ward school, respectfuily petition the patriotic citizens of Ann Arbor to arrange for the celebration óf Independenco day, for we have never seen a glorious Fourth. Respectfully yours, Ciirl Schub, Cari Feiner, AValdo Schilde, Ralph lieam. üaunt Schairer, AValter Muehlig, Noble Eddy. Juliua Gauss, Eugene Kuebler Charlie Wahr, Rubert Koch, Harry Mathew, Halph Dotv."


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