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Sister Clough, Of The Brooklyn

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ponent, luis duíy ittetallea herself as wet nurse oí Jim O'Donneü's gtfvernorship boom. The Democrat Ís moved to remark that the poaítofflce club column of the Ann Arbor Register is calculated solely Cor conemnpöon in Washington. Prof. Frank Taylor does nat agree with the euTrency reform oommisslon and the people do nat lagree witn either. P. B.- The pepole have the long end of it. The surfaee oif AYashienaw eouïity g. o. p. politics lias been as smooth as Fred WeínJberg's skating vink during the past week. Bui just vait until warm weather aruiwes. Justin Sturgls, of Ludington, la.unehed a "inarked copy" newspapeT 'boom for the Reüblitfan ■namination for secretary of state last week. Ferry Powers is chaperone for the boomlet. Ey the way, we -are still waüting for the Republican n&wspaipers and jioliticians- of Wlashtema-w couaty t-o define thtíir respeèfeive positions 'wi'th respect to the "federal" and state wings of their political family. The Democrat's gentle and wellneaning criticism of the postoftice club -seems to hav-? worried the editor af the Register a column' s worth fhis week. Never minid, Selby, Billy Judsan's O. K. is worth volumes of such Tot. The Demoerat would admonish those Republlcans who aTe at present perched upon the feniee whlch separates Jim and Julius f rom 'the friend of the people, that bheir roosting place is a most dangerous one. God liates a 'Cow&rd and so 1ios "Ping." The striking employés of the Wheeler sbipyard at Bay City insist 011 l11ng paid the scale of 1895. That, if our memory has not falleJd us was a Democratie year. V'!,cn Mark Hanna's most gorgeous liars-'were about the ountry in tíie autumn of 'OfJ regaliii}; worklngmen with visions of MtKinley prosperity these wages of '95 were held u as a horribie example of the rcsults &f Democratie rule. Yet two years after McKïnley's eiection men are striking to have the wages of 1S95 restored. The Llvtagstone Demoera't has the following which is commended t the attention of the farmers of Washteaiavv comity: "We invite every farmer in Livingston county to cal! at this olliee and see -the Toronto, Canada, farmers' market report of last Wedaesday. January 19. Wïieat was quoted from $0.87 tü $0.89; tfats, $0.28 to $0.29%; rje, $0.46; hay, $7.50 to $9.00; straw. $6.00 to $7.00; dressed poi-k, $6.00 to $6.50; live pork, $4.60 to $4.70; hddes, green, $0.09 to $0.09%; potatoe-s $0.60 to $0.70; beans, $0.80 to $0.90. The above are straat prices paid for the above products from farm w.-igon, the same as the street priees paid here in Howell or any other Michigan nvarket place. It is unoecessary we think to ask the farmers cyf Iávingsfon county what they receive here iu America for the' above products. It is rather singular, howcvcr, the prices iu Ganada are imu-h hdgher for all of the above products than here in America where the high tariff advocates told us the Dingley bilí woiíld raise the price oí all farm producís. Carne in. gentlemen, wü see for yourselves."


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