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He Opens Safes

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'Mr. Frank Churcb, vh la stopping at Che Hawkius house Yïpsflaiiti, ereated a littlo surprise :unl a greait deal more ttíerednlity yesterüay ly assertmg rliat without knowtng the e r.ation to any safe in town ir open any ordiraary one in Bye minutes' timo. SoBie ene juniped at the chance of geHiting ;i ten-cefli cigar Tor aothing amd wagered fihat amouni that he could Bot open the Haiwktos house safe. Jiii wea1 to work, tnrued the ■ "■;,i,ili-, ;:,,; i;.itvb ar und a coup times, pul down some figures, tned i1 agaln and then read off the combiuaiion to thè c!erk. Without waitlng to seo il' any assuraiice as given as to its coi-reftness Ue sel the marking ]ioint en the three ïiiirmbefs, tunied back to the open'ing point and sw-ung open the door in jusí a mitnite and a half froin Hie time luv si.u'iod. It seeuis t li. i j be is oí n uvenlive turn of niiud and. havlng .3 na mechanica] abiiity. bc had ooeasion oncé to study safe locks and bei tëboroughly acquaint111. with all the iatricacies of the iliil'i rent makes. He relates mumcrous expeïienees oí how he has eonvinced people that no safe is "safe" agaiinst him if he had the inelina.tio:] to m'ake use oí Ms knowledge In an uniawful way and c i ly the incident of yeSterdaj rully estaJblishes tha1 he fs aol giv n i., telling fairj tales about it. The ui' Bethlehem church pleasantly eurptised Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Spathelf, of Ponbiac si.. Wednesilay on I lie occasion of JIr. Spatbelt's blrthday.


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