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Peculiar Disappearance

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J. Rici' liiner, since Uie departure of nis fatlier for California, manager of extensive business Interest In tin city, is str&ngely missing. .lanuary 16 the meiii'bers of (he Huron Valley Building and Savings Association de cided to di' ■: V. K. Childs secretara of the association to sneceed .1. Rice Miner, wlio Cor a year and .1 half has been acthiir as secretary. The next day Mr. M1nei wiilmni a word oí explanatiou to anybody quietly Irat üiysteriously disappeared. Wbu Secretary Cüilds ,(ii! o Mr. Mimi's office to get the Building asswiatioo's l-ooks he found the saXe unloeked bui Mr. Mlner g me. Sume of the . 1 n ■ 1 1 1 - bers uf the assoctatlon beèam frightened and talked of eivoked whk. An expert was at once put on the books but in all app eyerything is coiic.-i -iiiil all the funds proporly aecounted for. No plausible reason Por bis disappearance can be eiven and ■)' friends aTe beginuhijr to be alarmed at bis eontiuued atraence. Ir is sald Bhat Mr. Miner earrled $300 ín casi wlth him when he lef:, bvrt the idea of foul yl:y ;-■ laughed :it. Several yeacs ago, whilo living in Chicago, youag Miner as sufldealy dis.ipii Micd and lid not return Cor over a year, or until he had been givi a up lor dead. The liare been no'tiüed bilt can find no elue tr liis whereabonts. A telegram has been sent to .ohn R. Miner at Angeles, Cal., announcIng hls scii's disappearance.


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