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Accidentally Locked In

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The yIcIbsI u les o{ Bfe weci tarclbly -expcfienced one day lat week liy two you :i c ïadies ml the Creeeem works. Aíter caJKiig to m;ike surc no one was left in the buil iing the man in charge loeked tl doors ant! went oEE to supper. As luek wonld hare lt, however, he had nol heard the answer ímuh two girls, who had just extingTïlshed the Iight In thelr department and wnv m the ad of coming down slairs. Thinking n uol much after 4 o'clock and that the oïfice forcé was stil] at work, tiiej sauntered tov:i:-,ls Hic main dooi bul remembPring laat the spring door was yet ajar, they tunica back and pulled it to. Wben they reaoned te tnnln door it was, of course, iuckeci and It gradually dawned 011 ilie girls. as they made thu rounds of the doors, that they were locked u the Ptairwa.v and out of the factory. Nothing was left for them to do bui poun.1 ou cüe glas door. Tuis they dul and soon had interested passers by sceuting in dilterent direetio;is in seareb oí som who possesssd : key to ;he building. Kind feellng brought ilie helpers of the besieged yonng ladles baiek to the door to repori progrese. In the uncertain light throwü trom aoross the street tv.n young faces couid be een peering out between the gold letters on the glass door, anxiousiy li&tening to the tales of eucouragenient brought tliem by the would-1but helpless reseuers outside. Hel-p in the shape of the key was brought In about an and amld inuch laughter the glrls went home.


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