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Psychological Experiments

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rae psyohologksal depai'tment ( '.'lmnbi.-i Unlversíty has boen coi lucthig a series of píiysieal and mentí i'sts among the student s of i) titution whieh are coiisidered oí gro importance to the world. aud are i s peeted to furnish the foundation í'ot a genera] 'iioveinent tteoughout all tiio oniversïtles, colleges anti scüools of the country to determine tne secrerts of the physical and mental growth of students, to show just lunv much lieredity and environment h&ve to do witï an individual and to ascertain the Uerrelntion of 'traits. Tiiese tests have been made on atroul 200 students of C'ohmibia by Professor James .MoKeen Cattell and his assistamt, Dr. Livingston i-'.-irnind. it is the flrst time, in this country at i-,-: st . iliat phystcal and mental tests of tlie studc-nt body have been made in any tniiversfty or college. The prese.1 senior class of Ootombia was examined in lts fresbman year, and will be subject to a secotíd examination before graduaíion to determine iiieir phj-sical aiid n.ental growth ar.d to asce.rfcatü Whethêi ilic.v tave succeeded or iailed in removing ceitain 3eficiencie& whieJi ii:ey previousi.v exliibited. The Amerir;in Psyehological Associatioa has bccome deeply interested in these physical and uk'iu.iI tests of sïadents. A cominiHee was appolntöd to ÜiSm lip a .series of tests vyh-ieh can be followed in schools and colleges. This coinraittee is cooxposecl of Prof. Cattell, i Coiumbia, rhainnan; Trof. .T. Jastrow, ünlversity of Wisconsm; Pj-of. E. ','. SanfoTd, ('Luk l'niversity. and Prof. iJightner Whiuner. The tests whn-h tlie commftitee prepared are being adwpted in v.-n-ious parts of tlie


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