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"Save the isa-Ts-g- men and children S&e' s-iá"jr' "" every brave man SaLsg0 jí? in a moment of L a'iL7if Vr iv''?peril, but in the# jfS JLt2 every day ï&JafiïSË'" HBSS Si cerns of life men S.S Bpf. ?p lÜg who are ordina-jn fft ;' ff',' 'K and disease that over-&Av-Tiy, hang their families. &-%afa LJraS man ngrossed with his Kp ÍSsHft own affairs seldom 'ï .pxjSp!3 lizes how hard his wife ífS!3lt is working and that p? ZySíL haps she is breaking ""fmy down nnder the strainj C . wJÊl and beeoming wcak and k j s-, sickly; incapable of VÖCoW ing the family work orJWyi'S of looking after thefe Xfjw It is just as much a5288gWilBRL man's duty to look after - - 31 3 UEj the health of his family !fflBl3lm-iilÍP from day to day as it fflrHtIiJnf'1 would be to give them -"Üí'mSB S&M the first thought in a yNSMsHrJjri moment of shipwreck ortV-J jiTWi} It does not cost any--y.y!fcra-aji thing more than a few SSèB minutes of time to write "Wto Dr. R. V. Pierce, ,- jj----"-' Consulting physician of tbe Invalids' Hotel and " J " " Surgical Institute of Buffalo, N. Y., who will give the best professional advice free of charge with suggestions for inexpensive home-treatment whereby any of the family who are weak and ill may be put on their feet again well and strong and hearty. For thirty years Dr. Pierce has successfully treated many of the most obstinate and apparently hopeless cases of severe chronic disease. His medicines are known throughout the whole world for their astonishing efjBcaey. His " Golden Medical Discovery " is the most perfect remedy for all weak and debilitated conditions of the system. It gives power to the digestive organism to transmute the food into muscular flesh and active energy. His "Favorite Prescription " is the most successful medicine ever devised for the delicate ailments peculiar to women. His " Pleasant Pellets " are the best mild and natural lasative for constipatiou. -bazar WpÊÊem = I ! fiHTQQIsW ! Í' "THESTYLISHPATTERN." l tístic. Fashionable. Original. f Fitting. PriceslOaud ISceiits. ? Nonehigher. None better at any price. fi „ Some reliable merchant sells them ín J nearly every city or town. Asfc for J I them, or they can be had by mail from 1 " us in either New York or Chicago. ( Stamps taken. Latest Fashíon Sheet sent upoa teceipt of one cent to pay I m posUge. .. i MSCALLS f I MAGAZINEW { T Brightect ladies' magazine published. ? I Invaluable for the home. Fashions of 1 ! the day, Home Literature, Household I Hints, Fancy Work, Current Topics, ? Fiction, all for oniy 50 cents a year, 1 cludinga íree pattern, your own T tion any time. Send two 2-cent stamps ? I for sample copy. Address - 1 : THE McCALL COMPANY, ï 142-146 West 14th Street, New York. 4 189 Fifth Avenue, Chicago. mu ■ r -rni nti irT1 -gf "tii ff-5 Business Directory. T EHMAN BROS. & BT1VER8. Attorneys at -LJaw. Room 4. Saving's Bank lílock. Anñ Arbor, Jlicli. General Law Prantice; also toans, collectioiis iincl conveyanelng. WANTED- Trustworthy and active gentlemen or ladies to travel for responsible establlslied house in Michigan. Moiitlily $6 .00 and expenses, l'osition steady. Eeferences. Enclose self-sddresséd eñveiope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y. Chicago, rpHOMASD KEAKNEY. Attorney at Law, -L Aun Arbor. Mirh. Office, lluron Street, opqositu court liouse. ENOCH DIETERLE, Embalmer and Funeral Director. Calis attended day or night. Office No. 8 "e". Liberty. Phone 129. Resi dence 75 S. Fourth avê. WM. H. MÜRRAY, Attorney at Law, Ano Arbor Mica. Officie in Court House. MJ. CAVANAUGH, Lawyer, Ann Arbor, Mlch. Room 1, Saviugs bank block. ARTHUR BROWN. Attorney at Law. Office, corner of Fourth Ave and Ann st. JOHN F. LAWRENCE, Attornej-at-Law. Office, corner Fourth and Ann streets, Ann Arbor, Mieli. OM. MARTIN, Funeral Director and ün dertaker Cloth, metalic and cummon cofflns. Stnreroom, 17 S. Fourth ave Residence, coraer L berty and Fifih. 'Fhone 61 WW. NICHOLS, Dentist Rooms over Aon Arbor Savings Bank, ooposite Oourt House square. VITALIZED AIR administered. It is areeahle and easy to take and no proslratinj! cffects rollow. whlle teeth are exiracted without pain. HIOHEST cash price paid for raas, rubber Iron and all kinds of If you have-auyfhiu on Ikui. to disonse of drop a card to W. LANSKY, 22 and 24 Braodway, Aun Arbor, Micta.


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