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GOOD TIMES PVEGOME. You can afford to indulge yourself or your famüy in the luxury ot a good weekly newspapcr and a quarteríy magazine of fiction. You can gct bcth of these puolications wtth aliuost alibraryof good novéis for $5 per year. world-famed for its briglitness and the most complete General Weekly- covering a wider range of subiects suited to the tastes of men ai. 1 women of culture and refinement than any jcurnal- ever pubhshed. Subscription price, $j per annura. TALES FKOM TOVVN TOPICS, a s55 paso Ouarterly Magazine of fiction, appearinj t'.-.e fust dayof Marth, June, September and Dccember, and pubushir-g original novéis by f.ic Li'st wnters of the day and a mass of short itcr'es. poems. burlesques, -witticisms, etc. Subscription price, $2 per annum. Club price for both, $5 per snnuin. You can have both of these if yii subscribo NOW and a tonus of 10 novéis selected from tne list belnw Regular price for each, E.' cents. All sent postpaid. Kemit $5 in New York exchanje, express or postal msney erder, or by legistered ietter,'.her wth a list oL the 10 novéis s.e!ected, by numbers, to TOWÏ TOPICS, 208 Firtu Avenue, ileiv Vork.' LIST. 6-THE SALH OF A SOUL ïly C M S. M:Lelln. r Hb CUUSIN OF T HF KIN; l'y S ViflW:s:nn. 8-lX M0NTH IN HADE'S Rv C'Ji'ce 1 Cl'ïie"im j-lllE SKIR1S OF CHANCE. By Captain A.ued io-ANTHON'Y KENT By Charles SuVes Wlyne, ,,-AN v: i Ey C ! mi ■ ■ B'jtell ti AN '. ■ MK I N By [chn i,-THAT DKfcA[:FL:L WüMAN fly Hai m K u-A DEAl IS DENVER By G' KKKenll i5 -WH1! - SAYS Cl ADYS Hv TvM C' fliUc Muirïv -A VERV KEMARKABLE G1RL lly L H ' ii-A MAKRIA'.E FOR HTE ByHiioidR ia-O"I OF THESUl-fHI ; Hv f C !■■ l.s.i'. ly-THii WRONG 'l H CM. '.'i Retl -v-Ulf HUNT Kj: IIAPl-lNEaS. Uy Ajla Vuantl n -HUK s 1 ü ANC' rNPi-niM PT BvHl' 1R V.nilü I i N I ' ' ■ --- j A M...vl iR ' j i..:.. üj li.


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