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Cincmnati, .Tan. 25.- The legislativa comniittee has olosed its investiglatton in this city of the ütis eüaxges oí bribery in the recent oiection of a l'nited States senator. The senate coiinnirtee will continue lts work at Columbas. Tliirty wttneses have been examiued here siuce last Priday. Mr. CHis will Hkely be the next witness at Columbns. At CoiumiUus last week sebera! wítnesses refused to i.csUt'y becaose their aftoroeys adyiaeil them th'at a sen!a)te commlttee luis no .iurtsdïction in investigatin? charges made by a meinber of the liouse. The empïoyes of President Scnmidiaipp's bank, and Hou. Harry il. Diauglierty, chairman of the Kopubliean State central commktee, yesterday declineö either to be sworu or to aiw.vcr questions because the commlttee had no juriMlotlon. C na ir man Burke announced thn! as soon as the eo iludí ttee was I .:ii w-ith all the wllling wimessef'he proceeöings wou ra at once ) ai to bring all of tlu un willing s before the bar oí the senatc yiuiislnnriH for contempt Allen O. Myers, si-., was fhe firsf witness yesterday in the legislature bribery bsresügatiop. He detailed the sliadowing of Hollentieck froui Coiuiübus to Cinciimati and back; a!so the carriage drives of Boyce about Coluinlms. The teslinioiiy oí Myers cMisod quite a slir. in u senator Garfleld told witness he ncod not reply to anythmg tliat woukl ineriniinate him'self, Myers becáme inienscly erii-aged and GMairman Burke has dii'ficulty in with the iaquiry. E. II. Archer, of Oolumbus. deputy state railwiiy cömmisaioner, lesiiiivl to following H. H. Hollenbock fio-.rf Calumbas to t'imiiniati.


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