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Many Were Stubbed

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Algiers, Janu&ry 23.- Anti-Jewish riots were renewed hore todfty. Tlie ni(.l) Invaded the Jewisli quarter and plllaged the ehops in the Ruc Babazouin, driving the Jewish mw-ciians iiito the streets. A squadron of chasseurs was orderea to the s;ene and charged the mob wiüi drawn swords, biit the mol) reformed further on, clieering for the arrny. Revolvers and daggers were freely itsed. One Juan wlio was stabbed in the back and sliot in the iiead dléd on the spot, many were si-rionsly stabbed, one, named Cayol. dying fro;n kis wounds at 4 o'clock this af noo.n. Tii-e crowd, hearing oC tliis, becaime dangerously excUed, .--liouted, "Tliey are inunl'iing us." "Ueatli to the Jvs," and resumid pilaglng. The fi-onts of six shops were destroyed and fhe loot was bnrned. The pólice repeatedly aharged the riotera, l)ut were stubbomly reslsted and were powerless to restore order until the ;troops airived. SereraJ policernen were severely tnaltreated. .I;'iiy arrests for blieft have beon linde. The Jewish authorities recomn.cnd their co-religionists to reuiain ludoors. 'Botli the men killed m üie riot were Ohristlans and their companious liave sworn to aveuge them. It is feared there will be further riots.


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