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Called Them Spies

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Taris, January 22.- During the debate in the chambear oí deputies yesterday on the estiinates of the departmctnt of public worship M. Berard denounced the "daugers of clericalism." The premier, M. Meline, declared there was no ground fof s'ich fears. Coutinuing he deaied the govenimoat was eomposed of clerieals, or tha.t it was undor pontifical direetion, adding that the so-called clerical peril was oüly put forw.'ird to dlvert attentlon from tho socialist and revolutionarjperll. BxMinlsteT Goblet then moved the separatiom of church and state, which was defeated by 309 to 182 vjtes. Several mem'bers denounced the Interferriice of Chlef Iialdii Zadockahn in the Eisten-hazy affalr, wliereupon M. Millard replied that if the chief rabW had acted improperly he eould ba prived of his salary. M. I)i' Mahy called attention to thé propaganda of Eng-lish and Germán pastors iii various parts of Frunce-, denouncing them as "spies" and as boing a "verltaíWe peril to tbc existonce of the fatherland." Tiie estlmates wenthen adTp+ed. M. Duirix moved the flenunciatlon of the Concordia (or understandlng between the Frenen government aud the vatkMii). Tho motlon w.i def'eated by a vote of 316 to 171. The president of the clianïber of deputies, M. Brlsson, anronnced that tlie ïaterpellatioii xf ex-Minister Cavaignac introduced on Jaauary 17 (dcmanding a resolution of Uie semi-oflioial note Issued on that day, in wluch the government deeliaed to make public the alleged coafession made by Alfred Dreyfus to Capt. Lebrun-Renaud, the offlcer who had charge of tim he was ccnrtmartialedj. woul be ilisciissrii tomorroy.


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