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J)etroit. january zx.-iuoi. AtKinsoii oecupied almost the entire day wili liis argument in the case of Governoi Pingree vs. the 'Michigan Central. Atkinson deelared the power of the legislatura of 184Q. whicli gave the Michigan Central its special charter, did not reaeh to the extent of regula ting fares to be paid tiy tlie people in 1897 or 2897. He said: "The Michigan Central is opc-rating more ttuin twice as inany miles under rite general law as under its special cborter. If ilic aet applies to any road it must cover at least rhose organlzed undor the general law. We do not hold that the state lias any right to viólate its lawful contracts. We hald ihat railload fares are not property. Tliey use toe provisions of the magna charta Tur he purpose of charging exrortiomate fiares. Whc represent t!uwíten th-ese raih-oart cases come licí'.ire the courtsV Brave eauragi attorneys, gfeuer-ally like the one we have wirli here wlio draws the priacely salaty of X2.V.) icr day. A'gainst i ln'iii s pitted such eminent counsel as those who sit aci-oss the lable lici'o, ev-'i-y breath is eoined into gold from tlie offers af Eheir plutoeratic èiuployers. ExtortiOB is one of tlie oldest inmoral acts proviiiiMl against. It is looked af ter in the law oï Moses. Kobbery is tho word I would use were t!e eulpnt not this powciiiil earportition."


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