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The AYoman's Parliamentary clut wffl meet with Mts. P. W. OaTpenter Friday aiternoioo. Mts. Clinton Eider is vislting her párente, Mr. ana Mrs. F. P. Borgaxüus ior a couple oí weeks. Hon. J. B. WoTtloy has aunounced the fact tlmt he is willing to run for alderman of the Second ward. Thos. Marsland, who was foTinc rly i in business in tliis city with Charles Ford, ia here for a eouple oí days; AI. Iïarringlun, the noted billiaixl expert who at one time resided la tliis city. is here risitiag old acquaintanees. Prof. Wenüey 'Will lecture at tbc Congregational ehurch FebrUary J 1. foT the benefit of the Ladües' library. George Zwrgel, oí the Normal bookstore, letft for St. Johus yesterd&y uomiuii and will return a m'arrled maxi. Hou. .T. M. B. Sfll, ex-minister to Corea, is expected to give a lectur-e in this city dwing iiiu ü weck in February David B. Dodge starled out tWs mornlng on ;i trip through MieMgan in the interest of the Rutober Tip Dress Stay company. ■The Michigan Central wants to put in two solid weeks oí ieecutting at üiiá point and if weatho-r wil permit they will do so. Aid. Gaudy preseatea the fire departments wifh a box of cigars Cor the ffood vvdrk done in saviug his bakery Satorjky thornlng. The Normal students are organizing county cluibè. Ingbam Gouoty Club held a "blow out" at iirs. Xuwtob'e or. Ballard st. Saun.lay eveatog. Wonder If the blizzard of Saturday ïïight did not have a great teodeaey to allay a lot of Klondike feer which is raging arouml Uere in a very violent fonn. . liev. Dr. Taiutoi. of Chicago, will occupy thé pulpit of the al ehureh next Sumday evening. His s-iíbject will be "Men of the ! flower." The Ladies' Aid society of the Methodist ehurch in Aun Arbor have invited the Hethodists of this city lo a ohuTch supper iu Ajiii Arboj on the rirst Thursday in FeUruary and it is expeeted that at least 100 Tpsilantians will be h attendanco. Wirt Seyinour, who has boen clerktag for E. A. Jlolbfook. has pirrchased a photograph gallery in Ann Arbor and Mrs. Seyinour will have ebarge of it al present. Mr. SeyinouT will rema in with Mr. Hoibrook for soiup linie time yet. TQie sale of se&ts for the May Festival at Ann Aliior oponed at 0. W. Hogers' Xatiirday 'mo;ning with a ïusll. By sevcu o'elock there were ] waiting for the store to be ojienel and they took the place iu a line although the sale did not open uutil 10 o'clock. The Toastmasters' club at the Nornjiil has eleeted for the ensn'ng term: H. G. liull, president, li. B. Miller, vice-president; Harry Luttenton. secretary; Kail V. llawks, treasurer; executive coiDinittee. chairman, William Lee; second me.mber, E. E. Cok; tliird member, K. .T. Walters. We were mistaken in saying "Unde" Daniel Pieive was the oldest Mason in Phoenix Lodge. Dr. Batwell was made in Zion Lodge. Xo. 1, Detroit, in 1858, aud John Howland was made in Pheenix Lodge in the same year. Both are still with us and have neifher inelination ot necessity for oijittiaries at present. Fire broke out in George (Jaudy's bakery SatunTay at 7 a. in. and did a couple of hundred dollars worth of damage (The cause of the bldze was the uniou of some gasoline wltïi a spark from flr; oven. Au enilre batch of braad was so biully sniok#l Uil': it was rendered valueless foi sale purposes. Thursday Mrs. Kachel llawkins was S0 years of age, and the eveut ú :s celebrated at the home of her daughter, Mrs. ,1. H. Woodman, hy a social party whieh included six ladies whose combied ages were 4S3 years, or an average of S0y2 years. Thefe were ]S preseint at the tabla who;e average age was 579a years. Mrs. HiWidns is still vigorous and very activa Cor one of her years Vjisilanttan. George W. Cable, tlie well known aufhor. is at the Hawkins house. Somebody pointed him out to a friend sayiiig: "There goes George W. Cable." "Cable! Who is he?" "Why he is the that iuvented that thing so yon can send m-essages across the ocean- cablegrains." "Oh, yes, seems to me I have heard of him," said the man and he seemed greatly impressed with the author's inventive powers. The Washtenaw County Medical soeiëty held a meeting Frlday in Ann Arbor at the offices of the president, Dr. Fleinming Qarrow. It was largely attended aml enjoyed I.y all present. Dr. Victör C. Vaughan .nul Dr. George Doek gave interesiin? and iiish-uetive accounts of thoir experienees while attending the International Oongress of Medicine at Moscow. Kofreshments v.-ere serod at the close of the meeting. Mrs. David Olark, of Ballard si.. will go to Buffalo, N. Y., the flrst oí the month to reside with lier daughter. Rev. B. F. Aldrich will delivei a special sermón next Sunday monitag u-pon the subjedt, "Loyalty lo tha House of God." Frank Rathfon, 43, Detroit a mi ilary E. Webb, 21. Lima, X. Y., is ithe way a marríage liceuse yeaterday issned in Detroit reads. Mrs. George Suri, a tormer resident of this place, iics ai her home 011e ai'd one-naK miles west of Aun Arbor very Iov with lung irouble. "Di(-k" Whlting lias been adjuöged ir.sajie by Jud'sre NewMrk au, i as so in af. there is room at Pontiac for hiin In' wi;l be removed there. Dr. John Henry Barrows, of Chioago, the we'.l kmnvn lecturer, 6-peci Tuesday aftennxm nul evening at the 'tronie of A. C. Ronson. Tho names of .Miss Ayers and Mr. lïiehel should Wave appeared aanong Uiu names of the participiinfs :i the Junior Exhibition Friday evening. Eer. I!. F. Aldrk-h, as has been his i, variable cüstom, has gone to öhio to be present wii'h bis mother on the Occasion of her birthd'ay aiinivi rs-a) . Miss Lucilo Wtetlijig, acconi'panied by her aunl, Mrs. Oharles Wiiglit, gKWie to Dake Wortli. Florida. Thi'v win be ííoue for sevefal weeks. Frank Gleuu States that he stili cmniaues !iis partnership vvifih the firm of Glenn ife M511er and lia.s uot entered the empioy of the Aro l'riutüig comp'.iny. Tbe '["nosday Jíigíit Club is arrangng to give a swi] party al Laght Cuard Hall on WaSMngton's Kii-tl;day. Finney's orehestra lias been engaged for the oc'asiou. Booker T. Washington, principal of the Tusbegee Normal and Industrial Institu'te 'at Tuskegee, Ala., knowii as the Moses of tlio Nero ra. -e. will be at Normal Hail, ilondiiy. Jan. 31. The jun'iors of 'öie Noïmal schol h'ave organized and have chösen pnrple and white as tbe lass eolors. That is the reason w.'iy the pioiuine'nt display lias been worn on the sti'eet i!iv':i!. the past eouiile of lays. The Grand Opera House will nol h'ave a professional performance lor the next two weeks. Hoyt's "A Black Snee-p." whieh is iumiier than "A Texas Steer," is the attraetion for Feb. 9. This will be the most important attraetion of the light coinedy order of the season. EdWarQ Wükinson, of Marquette, well knJvvn here. is made one of tiie agslgnees of his father's business. Tlie ex-state treisurer closed his bank S.-iturday and assigned Por the benefit Oif 'liis creditors. He diedi Tuesd'ay. t'he'Ut being nmde with full knonviede that his end was to corue. The "RidpaJtih Hisiory Club" which ('. '. Rogera has gtarted, is the sanie one whieh Hutiter, Glenn & Hunter, of Detroit, have so extensively adVertised and Ypsilanti is the only suJ agency in Michigan oufside of De1 1'1 r. Mr. Itoíí-ers secured fhis by nott hesïtarting wtien cwnttiaicts were mitted to liim and dim-hed the lm-gain while otlher deai'ers were waifing. Daniel Da vis. Mie oM eotared man whose eg was ibroken by the kick of a höpse December . has so Par recov ered tliat the band'.-i.vs were removed i'ioni the injured member Monday. and roueh to the surprise of the physieian it was found tliat the bone had grawn togetheT agaln althou.irii Mr. Davis is over 80 yöars oí age. The supreme cour Tuesday afrinned the decisión óf the lower eourl in the celefbraited Eïber'B. Want 11 case. The esïfaic was valueö ai .(i.()(X,000 and the obügations of the deeeased estim-ated át $1,300,000. A bilí was filed hy Orville W. Oweú and other heirs, iucluding T. O. Owen of this city. against the exectitor bul was lost in the lower court and affirmed by the supreme coui't. A large sized audience greoted Johu Criltith in Fiinst last evening at thtopera house. Tl.e eom'paay eaTried all the scenery nsed and it erreated quite an impression. A couple of fu-ses iburned out and the etectricnl pffocts were nol ;is good as if there had lm :: no ixrterroptioo of the -eharaeter. Miss Purnell, as Marguèrite, was most excellent. Mr. GrifBth's interpretation of Mephisto is decldedly ori ginal. The Jlisscs Norton, Berkey, I'lnnkett and Martin gravea ceeeption Saturday at the Lome of 'Mts. Shankland to the student teachers of their respective departmepts in the training school. The rooms were prettily deoorated wlth palms and camations. The refreshmeuts were served in a manner so that the Normal colors predominated and consisted of pist-achio cream, coffee and s-afers. ilusic froni a guitar and mandoün enlivened the scène. Dr. and Airs. Boone, Prof. Hoytand Miss King were honored guests to the occasion. Miss Minard and Mrs. Le.n Samson Ijresided over the rrfreshment table. M. K. Gay, who recently came here from Detroit where he had been for the past soven or eight years, died .Tanuary 23 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Rouse, 420 Emmet Street: He was siek vvhen he arrived here and althoug-h all possible was done for liiin by hls friends aud rèlaöves reeovery was impossible. He was buried Tuesday in Ilighland cemetery. He leaves a mother and father, two sisters and a brotöher, Mrs. A'anie Davis oí Ypsilanti, Mts. Samuel .Johii80ö (if Oonneaut, Ohio, and Joiiu G. Gay of Getteva, Ohio. tn)ni(vs Green and Ohilds were in Detroit Tuesday to appear before the board 0f pardons which meets at the Ciidillae hotel. Tlioy wlll make a strong appral for the pardon of Barí X.-isli who was convictcd a year ago of burglarizing' Tueker's bHacksmith shop and rernovinjï theretfrocai a eer and some nails. He wiffis sonteácod to three years in Jaekson by Jndge Kinne. The attorneys in the present case are fortified witii attidavits and petitions sigufid by al! the jury aud are strëngthened l)y one from Mr. Tucker liimself. who staites iliat if Nash is pardoncd iie staods ready to gfre him a job in l);s blacksstnith shop.


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