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A Big Fraud

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A big fraud has just come to light here and it has probably succeeded in getting several $2 bilis írom persons ia tliis city and vicinity. Many persons oí Ypsilanti tlie fore part of the iuontli reeeived letters frin E. J. Thora & ('o., agenta for the Kuiekerbocfeer silk milis, whose address was given as 335 Broadway, N. Y. The letter enclosed a eouple of samples of silk and stafed that they were selling the faetory ends of silks and their lengths consist of 10 to 12 yards in all colors and shades. The price wis to be $3 for each end and not move than fcwo ends would be sent to any one person. Two dollars was to be remitted and on receipt of the silk. ie it was satisfactory, the other dollar was to be paid. The letter closed iy saying "we advise you to take advantage of this offer at yoar earlieat possible convenience as we are receivlng so many orders daily that the supply will not last long." Undoubtedly the bait caught many here as the samples were some of the ünest silks obtainable. One party, failing to get the silk as expectod, wTote to the piltce department of New York and reeeived the folio wing reply: New York, Jan. 19, 1S98. Dear Sir: - In reply to favor of the 13th inst, I would state that investigation shows that the Knieker■boc-ker Silk Mills, E. J. Thorn & Co., agenta, 335 Bioadway, this eity, are located at said aídress. George W. Lett, agent of said building, gaya that the room, which contatos but four oíd chairs and a small table, was remted to tne aiboye mentioned on Clh irsf., thoir cirealar dated thc 3d inst. licing incorrect. Frequent visits been made io s:iid building, but have Lnvariably fotn-d the door locked aud tJie room v,K-ant. The postoffice authorities have been notifled that the m;üls werc being used by the said E. J. Thovn & Co. Cor improper purposes. Respectfnlly, Oliief of Pólice.


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