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Pïaygoers welco.-ne witti relief the advent of romantic plfys suoli ;is "Under the Red Robe" and "The 'Prlsoner of Zenda," foecause they are more or less tired of modern soeiefcy plays. "Onder the Red Rolbe," vhih appears at the Athens Theater next Saturday evoning, deals with the tune wiicn the gTeat Cardinal BicOiellOT was in the heig-hit of hi? power and held the lives of almobt all the French dtlzens in his grasp. The üero, Gi'l de Bdanlt, :s sent on a spying mission by tho Cardinal and ordered to toring one of the French rebels toefore that worthy. a prisoner. But Gil contrlTes to fall in love with the retoel's sister, and he returns to the Cardma'l and tells him he eannot do his bidding, albeit knoving tWat his own life will bï the forfeit. On next Monday evenïng üt the Athens Theater Hoyt's greatest eoiuedy, "A Black Sleep," will te proGuwd in all its orginallty, msistiug of a wrultb. of comedy, luimorous situatioiis, new and up-to-date spertaïties by a corps of ■roudeville aastists anfi a bevy of pretty girls in briglit and handsoiue costumes. Thds is the brightesfereation of this most prolifio writer, equalling ia interest "A Texas Steer." Aeording to tlie wncensus of opinión of the press throughout tlie ündted States, "The Hoosier Doctor," Augustus Thomas' latest siircess, is inestimably his greatest play, comibining comedy, wit, pathos and 'huuian nature to a greater extent than either "A&tOmm" ot "In Mizzoura." As the title indicates, ie play is founded on Indiana üfe and is a comedy of a domesttie nature. Digiby Bell, in the title role, is icreWtetf wltfh iiaving n.ade the most ]Di-onounc;d success of his career. Ann Arbor Courier: 'Manager Lásemor is dmng for Ama :Awbor, in the entertainment line what no otheT manager lias ever done, and foe ought to hare the liearty and cordial support of every lover of the pl'ay wlio at :eods the theater. The young fellows n the gallery, irostly boys. wli() eluck and kiss at people coming in, in au nsutting way s'hotild toe seft dwvn on uy those who go to see and hea; li was not very bad last nigirt, tart the gallery gods should have maalmess euough uot to mke other people uneoinfortiable at all.


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