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All Quiet In Havana

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Washington, January 27. - Secretary Long lias reeeive a telegram from Ad miral Sicard saying that the North At lautic squadron had gone into the in ner anchorage at Dry Tortugas. The telegram was brougM to Key Wes by the Fern, whieh is servdng as a dis patea and suppiy "baat for the ileet. Secretary Long said today that ht had received no uotiee 'from tlie Span ish ïmiuister or from any other source that Spanish men-of-war nare beei ordered to visit Unitetí. Sta'tes ports Thi'y were irfectly Aveleome to come and go as they pleased, he said, aut :-i lar as he was con'cerned he woulc be delighted to have them come. Soc retary Sherman aiso said ho saw no reason why the Spanish ships should ndt visit the üa'ited States and in fac-t he iwould be glad if tfhey di come, 'i'hey would be weleon e. All the advices receiived 'by the slate department and navy department frou Cidba today .were satlsfactory. Gen Lee at 2 o'clock reported tha't all wa quiet and order prevalled in Havana. At albout the same hour a caiMegrraiu carne to the navy department froni Gapt. Sigsbee, of the Maine, sayiug tluit general riterest 'w'as nuanlfested on the an-ival of the Maïne in Havana liailor, tont there had been no demonstra ti on. He had .been ashore liimself severa] times ofïicially and irad been received wíth the greatest coartesy. He expeeted to visit the pala:t tomoxrow. The infonnatiou from iladrid by Associated Press lihat the Spaaisii government_ Mad detided to send the warahip yizoaya on a risit to Amerfcan porta c-aused no eomratents in official elrcles. She is a formidable craft, larger, faster and more powerful than the Maine. lier polats as reconled here are as foUows: Length, 340 feët, "■nm 65 teet, draft 21 feet G inches; two propellers, 13,000 norse-power. wlth ;i 12-iiich amior belt and barbottes 10% Inches and na. armored deck varying in thickness trom 2 to 3 loches. II r ba'ttery is made up of 6wo 28 cetítimetres; ten 14 centmeaes. one !) tentenetres (all Honoria guns, made in Spain); eáght 557 miUmetres. Pour :!7 mUltres, and two macliine gims. Tnere are six torpedo tubes. The shij) was launehed in 1891, coit i.0(K),000 ana is eapaible of 21 knots speea, w'hile the Maine is Uut 17% kuots.


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