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Success Of College Men

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The posltlon whk-h college men occupy after the graduatiou, and th ■ numfoer ui' thein included atncng tJios known as the successful cltizens oí our country, may be shown by statlstics compiled after an examiiiation of .Vlïpleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography," uiiich aiv giveu below. a c S "5S S % I o o o M K -.1 O M O C Qh O o o o Olergy 18CK5 1139 .58 Boldier 58 ITOü .03 Lawyer S41 837 .00 Stato.sinau 434 87ü .33 Business 177 !44 .17 NTüvy 15 500 .03 Amhor 411 7U7 .37 PbpsiciRn 427 4S5 .4! Ariist 6G 564 .10 Ettucator C2S 387 .01 S. ieinist 333 18!) .03 Journalist 66 217 .30 Inventor 19 147 .11 Actor 4 103 .04 Explorer Ploneei .. 9 240 .03% Phllanthropist .... 29 151 .10 Public Man 145 620 .19 Total 527!) iHlSü .35 Fi-om these statistics it will be seen tliat of 15,085 men named, 5,279 are college men, slightly more tlian onethlrd. The QumbeT of gradnates of A.meriean colleges from the beginumg until the present time does not exceed two hundved thousand. Of these, five thousand have done sucli work as to deservc lasun;.'; remembrance. One n an. therefore, in every forty graduating from college lias been snecessful, white takiug as a liasis tli( enorcuous aum'ber of men who have lived ia Uiis country since the beginning, uv derive the statement that only one in every ten thousand, not college gradnates, lias attained a like mensure of success. Aecording to this the proportion is iu favor of the college man, two hundred and fifty times.- Wlseon8ln ('animal.


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