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Chas. A. Satter, The ARCHITECT and BU1LDER... THISISACtíAiCE For one wantÍDg a modern house tn uve in. I will build for snyotie wisliing to rent a modern house, will build to suit tenant, in ;i good locality, no bttter i ii the city. Between U. of M. and Main street. Any one wishinjj this opportunity, cali and see me. OFFICE- 305 SOUTH MAIN STREET. Shop- 512 Packard Street. Nev. ,ne, reí., 251; O Mee. 50. A Fe-w ieft. We have :i few sinall lieating stoves left which we will connect free of charge for ,-?_: oacli. A.NN AUBOR GAS CO. FOR RENT- The farm known as the Eber White fann. Inquire at the M. P. Vógel's taeat market op "W. Hurou streel gives Ruliug stamps. Elegant Northern Spy, Gr. ana Snow Apples at D:jtís & Syabolt's. HOW'S THIS! We offer One Hundred Dollars Rewapd for any case of Catarrh that eau not te cured by Hall's Oatarru Gure. P. J. OHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, Ohio. We, the undersigned, have known F. .1 Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly in all business transaietíona and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their flrm. West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholei'.e Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. Hall'B Catarrli Curo is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Prtee, 75c. per bottle. Sold by all l)n:ggists. Testimoniáis free. l'or Shiivlug You want hot water. Yon can get t in a hurry on the little heater which iis over the onlinary iïnpner, ïoui for the asking. AXX AlïBOR CAS 00. We have a splendid stock of Couohi iiiho!stered in Tapostry or Oorduroj mul with or without frine. We als make Oouches to order a'fter specli designs. UALLEirs FUKxiTrni: stoke, 112-114-116 E. Lüberty street, -! Mm AaboT, Mich. PAfiM TO KENT -120 acres, 100 ; plow land; living stream of water. Small famdly and saoo cash rent Acklress Mts. S. E. Fuller, Milan, Mich., or cali at fann I milos nortlioast of Milan. Purcaase your goods in every line of those nierchants who will give you trading stamps. See directory. ARLINGTON HOTEL! C. A. M1LLARD, Proprletor. RATES, S2.OO PER DAY, Washtenaw County trado especially soliclted. Opposlte Court House, ANN ARBOR, - - - MICH. 4 "itt1 vrrrnj wanted to sell -AajcEj-IN J. ö trees Plants and Small Fruits OF ALT. KINDS. BEST STOCK. BARGAIN PRICES. VkKS' Gcad Wages Paid. August Koch HAS A COMPLETE LIXH OF Staple and Fancy Groceries Good Goods at low prices. Cali and be conyinced. Don't forget the number 206 East Washington Street. POIt KALE OHEAI'. New house in the best reaideace part C Aun Arbor close ro car lino. Small ia. yin ent down. Long time and easy irías ion the balance. Address B, are Demoerat. Highest cash price paid for Hides ad Felts - Coon, Skunk, Mink, etc. 'At-í Heintzmaan & Laubengayer. The "White Wotnan." In some parts of Gerrnany, particuarly in Bohemia, soine most extraorUnary tales are reported of the "white woman." This celebrated ghost is supposed to represent a woman of very modest appearance, excessively tall, ind her dress ent.irely white. She is lever seen without a very long veil ■eaching nearly to her ankles, and which is of such an impervious nature hat no person has ever been able to ibtain a glimpse of her features. On me single occasion, however, it is reported that she condescended to lift up ïer veil, when such a blaze of beauty burst upon the astonished beholder that he was actually rooted to the spot for a considerable time. The lady never leaves her subterranean or her celestial abode but for the charitable purpose of informing an individual of ner approaching death. Thus it is very eommon to say in some parts of Germany "the white woman" has visited him, meaning thereby that all hopes are vanished of a recovery, and there are not a few in that country who pay little or no attention to the declafatioñ of the physician respecting the immediate dissolution of the patiënt until it has been ascertained whether the white woman has paid her foreboding visit. Pólice Cruelties. The pólice of San Francisco are a fine lookjng body of men, and their efficiency has nevcr been questioned. They are a terror to wrongdoers, and with good reason, for they have a method of subduing riotous and disorderly persons which is unique as it is severe. They have organized a glee club and have systematic musical drills. To apprehend a malefactor they do not use locust clubs, as the New York policemen do, but glee clubs, and just sing the wretch down. If a sweet siren song fails, they vocalize something powerfully dramatic - perhaps the policemen's chorus from "The rates of Penzance" - and that is sure to fetch them. Crimináis in their cells, who have been arrested for disturbing the peace, listen to these stern offieers of the law rendering "Biest Be the Tie That Binds" or "What Shall the Harvest Be?" and come out of jail changad men. The idea is such a good one that there is some danger of its general adoption. - Leslie's Weekly. A QuBiait Scotel Wedding Custom. A quaint wedding custom still prevails in many of the little country towns and mining villages in Scotland. When a wedding is held, the contractïng parties make their guest pay in full for the eating, drinking and dancing facilities which are usually provided on such occasions. The practice still seems to survive even in Glasgow. This week a correspondent observed a notice posted up in the Cowcaddens - a low-class Glasgow thoroughfare - informing the public that a soldier would shortly enter into the bonds of wedlock, and that 2d would be charged for admission to the ceremony, and an additional 6d imposed for attendance at the wedding feast. The practice seems to be peculiarly Scotch, but 6d oertainly seems moderate enough foia marriage supper.- London Westminster Gazstte. ÏIow Government Keg-ulates. If an American citizen of even fift.y years ago, who had known nothing of what has gone on in the mean time, was suddenly to become a resident of any one of our American cities now, he would be amazed at the increased ecope of government. "Whereas the ! government formerly collected hls taxes, brought in his letters, and guarded his property, he would finö now that it touches him at every point In his daïly life, and "regulates" him to a degree that he had never dreamed of. The astonishing increase in the i ecope of government is forcibly explained iu an article in the Atlantic Monthly by Professor Eugene Wam baugh, of the Harvard law school. Subscribe for the Deniocrat.


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