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Rockefeller Vs. Waahertroman. Mrs. Mary Yessen is a poor Swedish womaji of Greenwich, Conn., who for ten years has supported two daughters by going out and doing washing. William Rockefellsr Is a member of the Standard Oil Trust and ís worth probably $40,000,000. When Nicholas Cassidy feil ill Mrs. Yessen nursed him, and when he dleJ he bequeathed to her a horse and $1,500 iïa money. The latter was to have been paid to the poor workwoman Dec. 15. But Mrs. Yessen's horse ate grass in William Rockefeller's pasture, and William Rockefeller's agent demaded $17.50 in payment for the same. "Hl pay you when I get the money," 6aid Mrs. Yesson. "That won't do at all," said William Rockefeller's agent. "You must pay now or suit will be brought against you." In pursuance of this threat papers were served on Jeremiah Tierney, administrator of the Nicholas Cassidy estate, prohibiting him from paying to Mrs. Yesson her little legacy until further orders. A suit has been begun in the name of William Rockefeller against the widowed washerwoman to compel her to pay the $17.50 demanded. By the time that it is decided the costs will about doublé the claim. Plague Continúes The plague continúes to spread in India, in spite of al sanitary efforts for its extirpation. lts progress is slow in comparison with most epidemics, but it is the hardest of them all to uproot entirely. It is several years sincs the present malady started on its course from China, and the history of previous visitations justities the conjecture that it may yet have a long road to travel. Russia's plague of 1878 hovered about the countries of ■western Asia for a decade before it advanced northward. In 1867 it appeared at Bagdad; in 1870-71 Kurdistan was invaded; and in 1873 Bagdad suffered anew. In 1877 it appeared at Recht, an important city of northern Persia, near the port of Enseli, from whence it was carried northward in Caspian ships and planted in the populous but malarious and unwholesome .deltas of the Volga. Russia did not get rid of it for a number of years, and stray cases of it appeared in other European countries, to which it has heen a periodical visitor since their history began. It may come again, bul it is not now armed with its old terrors. Where Whisky Is Made. Great Britain has turnee! out 54,622,706 gallons of whisky in 1897, over 5,000,000 gallons more than in the previous year. Of this 32,126,238 gallons were consumed in the United Kingdom and 4,790,181 gallons exported. There are 193 distilleries at work in Scotlanö, 29 in Ireland, 9 in England and 1 in Wales.


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