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Real Estate Transfers

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George Burkhardt to Anna K. Burk. Freedom. $1. Levi Freeman to John S. and W. Waterbury, Tpsilanti, $] 325. John S. Waterbury to Levi Freeirfan, ïpsilanti, $1,325. V. Schmid to Henry Filber, Manchester, $170. George JM. et al. to Henry Filber, Manchester, $50. John Boylan to Mina A. Beal, $1. .Mina A. Beal to John Boylan, Arm Arbor, $1. .T'.hn F. Heusler to Adam Gehringer, Manchester, $1. Charles H. Anderson to C. M. Blssell, Ypsilanti, $1. John F. Luwrence to T. M. Cooley, Ann Arbor, $200. Sarah Vedder et al. to Frank L. Vedder, Augusta, $1,500. John Young to Jennie Midgley, Ann Arbor, $1,400. Perry Walker to Phebe Walker, Salem, $200. James L. Babcock to Orlando L. Torrey, Sharon and Freedom, $9,000. K. A. Aprill to Catherine Andress, Ann Arbor, $2,600. Charles E. Hiscock to James H. Bach, Ann Arbor, $1. Ralph C. Whiting to James R. Bach, Salem, $1,100. James R. Baeh to Mary C. Whitng, Ann Arbor, $2,000. James R. Bach i Mary C. Whiüng, Ann Arbor, $1,000. Mary Renwlck to A .P. Renwick, Sa0 J. P. McAllaster to J. !! Steere, Pittsfleld, $150. Mary B. Grant to Dexter Biulngs, fpsllanti, $600. Tra G. Hunt to Byron G. Hunt, Manchester, $1.