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Real Estate Transfers

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Auditor-general to J. Blllinger, i'psilanti. $2.05. Catherine Lesing to John Terris, Tpsilanti, $1,000. Jacob Billinger to John Terris, Ypsi lanti, $3.27. John Goodrich to John Terris, Ypsllanti, $140. Mary Ann Smith to John Terris, Tpsilanti, $150. Anna B. Ward to John Tenis, Ypsilanti, $150. Archie Miller to Francis Schemerhorn, Ann Arbor, $600. Catherin Leoffler to Mary C. WJiitng, Manchester, $1. Jeremiah Jacobs to Milite J. Gilbcrt, Ann Arbor, $1. Peter Metcaif to Ann Arbor Savlngs Association, Ann Arbor, $S00. Xicholas Klein to Ann Arbor Savings Association, Ann Arbor, $550. Harry B. Vedder to Nathan VeCder, Augusta, $800. Howard Post to Galcw Markham, Augusta, $50. Galow Markham to P. A. Fostei'. Augusta, $700. William Bird to Howard Post, Augusta, $100. Mabel Fellows to J. L. Herman, Manchester, $300. Anthony Schimansky to Johanna Steinke, Augusta, $1,600. Anthony Schimansky to Tottie Kitchen, Augusta, $397.45. Solomon Tate to Elbert S. Tate, Bridgewater, $6,OS0. George Renwiek to William Bury, Ann Arbor, $1,200. Elbert S. Tate to Jacob Reissr, Bridgewater, $6,100. Mary J. Lawson to Ruby A. Giftord, Pittsfield, $1. Mary A. Caffrey to Francis K. Alien, Ann Arbor, $3,200. Augustus V. Fellows to M. J. Cavanaugh. Sharon, $1. Francit W. Smith to Charles J. Robinson, Manchester, $1,000. Frederick E. Schulz to Clárenle E. Wrentmore, Ann Arbor, $700. George W. McCormick to L,a-noert Bros. & Co., Salem, $68.40. Thomas J. Whalen to Cora A. Schllcht, Ypsilanti, $500. George C. Reade to George Merrill, Web3ter, $1,400. Gottlob Burg to John Volz, Ann Arbor, $50. E. A. Roffenspergen to Grace E. Cadwell, Ann Arbor, $3,750. Charles Vogel to Henry Vogel, Scio, $988,