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Negro Blood

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Contlnulng from Friday morning's testimony Jerome Schemerhorn said in substance: "I was to have the farm if I outlived them and took care of them. I always took care of t'hem. I do not knmv how 1 was to get the farm, : r ii was to be by will or deed. ] iound out through Mollie that the .should be mine. She told me that six months before she died, and she said she hoped I would take care of it. She had the paper with her and it stated that if I staid with them I was to have v the property. I don't know who made the will. She said she viven me i rty. I did not Don't know whether she signed the will or not. About four months before she died she said: "Jerome kou are fo have the place ou are the only that is ltft'." was subjected to a rigid en lination by Judge Babbitt, in which he denied that he had ever offered anytody money to perjure themselves, or that he had ever had any conversaiboul the matter with Robert Martin. On re-direci examina-tlon he 'lied that he had made the offers jii-l like a man would who had had h.'i-ses stolen. He offered the money reward for the return of the lost After !!'■ was dismtssed the proponents put on a couple of witnesses and advanced a new theory on the which was the secohd aurprise in case for the contestants. It was no less than that the Bennetts were if very dark complexion and Schemerhorn's lawyeis will undoubtedly try to convey the idea to the Jui ii before them that the Bennetis had - of negro blood in their veins, and that they had a partiality for negro hlred help and that it was the most natural in the world that even [f Jerome was not Miss Delight Bennett's son Phal they should leave 'nim property for taking oare of them. They will probably follow tip the line thal he was treated like a member of the family and did not receive any regular wages. The proponents are Inly putting up a mueh stronger case than was presented in the probate court The ecurt adjourned the case 'until Monday morning at 9 o'clock so that no testimony was taken in the case today.


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