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The Will Case

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(From Frldays Times). The Sohemertiorn case in the circuit court keeps up a lively interest for the audience which daily assembles there. The testimony thus far has been for the proponent and as the contestant has some 15 or 20 witnesses the case will not be flnished thls week by any means. Schemerhorn's lawyers are tryng hard to establish as a fact that Jerome is the son of Miss Delight Bennett. Schemerhorn was on the stand limself this morning and testified substantially as follows: "The flrst 1 remember was living with a family named Axtell in Schenectady, N. Y., but I do not knovv how I came there. There were two b ys and two girls in the family and they were all white. I lived there until I was 16 years oíd. I carne to Michigan then, after gettiñg a letter from Frank Bennett and Judd Bennett. 1 stayed on the Bennett farm about six weeks. I then went to Flint. I am 38 years old. I came back to the Bennett farm and then went to Midland. I was married to Fannie Johnson and after I ceased living with her I went back to the Bennett farm. That was about 13 years ago. They did not pay me any regular wages. When I flrst came there, there was Delight, Mollie, Frank and Judd. I saw them flrst on the farm. Í was treated as a member or' the family. Once Delight ar.ked me to do something for her and said: "Come, Jerome, this may be the last time that your mother will ask you to do anything for her." Once Doe Bennett said to me: "Now you stay here and take care of things and if you want money go to mother for it." I don't know whether he meant my mother or not. Yes, ' Mollie did state that there was a will. One time 1 was cuttlng down an orchard. I said that was foolish. "No, Jerome," said she, "Some day you may want to set it out yourself- this is an old orchard." Then she said: "I have made a will for you. Did not Doe say anyt'hing to you about it." I said he had never tolü me so in so many words. I know she sint for Knapp (one of the witneses to the alleged will) for I went for him myself. (Schemerhorn then said that alter Mollie's death people came there and went through her personal papers). I wint around among the neighbors to see what I could flnd out. .Mr. Knapp ne to speak to me about it. I don't remember. how I found out that Rowe knew somethng about it. K him in Ypsilanti. He asked me h"v [ was gètting along, if they had my horses and how it was about will. Then I knew that he knew something about it so I asked him, luit he said he did not want to get I up in it. I saw Sweeting and he asked me to come up to his house- that he had a paper that would do me some good. I went to see Mr. Sweeting in company with Butterfield the same day I went to see Rowe. SweetIng gave me the paper the same I was wit'h Butterfield. (The examlnation was continued).


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