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Abbot Russel and Will Sherman have gone to Portage Lake fishing. When they return we shall expect to hear on the streets of Wilüs "Fresh Fish." Miss Cassie and Miss Ida VTeatherspoon and Miss Bessie Southerland, of Ypsilanti, were entertained by the Misses Mary and Celia Potter Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Dawson is improving the looks of his house by a coat of white paint. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fisher enter tained Mr. and Mrs. Albert Draper and Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Ballard last Sun day. Flower Day at the Grange was, as usual, a rehearsal of the thought of the ages on the subject of "Flowers.' What the poets had said of' them what the linguists had written of their exquisite blending of color, was recited by those that were worthy and weil qualifled to interest. Mrs. Ballard told in an original essay of the floral arithem that was on song-laden zephyr in accord with Nature in her May day attire. Her throbbing heart beats audibly and her ministei-ing spirit with unerring law was engaged in interpreting the lessons of the hour that inau;?urated and refreshed the soul of her adoring child. And as the day wore away songs were sung that awakened a spint of thankfulness for the Grange and its many helps in preparing lts devotees for the conquesta of life on ita higher planes where unity of plan and consistency of action merits the benediction of the Most High. They talk to us of the humor of the bpanish government, but when weighed t is so small that on a cambric needle's polnt it might at all times dance But you may think that this is strangè and in your mind's eye may query but it would have as muc-h roolh there as a frog would in Lake Krie. W-ANTBD-A story about spring poets that is so thick that it will nnt spread.


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