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Winona, Ind., May 26.- At the Fresbyterian general assembly today the report of the board of publication and Sabbath school work was presented. It represented two interests, the one missionary and the other commercial. The publication board reported net proflts of $31,047 on sales aggregating $121,755 of books and tracts and $257,258 for periodicals. The active capital of the concern is now $195,624. The board reported the publication of 1,900,875 copies of books and tracts and 43,139,816 copies of periodicals. The missionary branch of the board received a total of $114,845, of which $51,976 was given by Sunday schools and ?20,698 represents two-thirds of the net profits of the business department. The board reported a decrease of $2,891 in its income. Working under the board are 76 missionaries, who have organized 1,028 new Sabbath schools, with a total attendance of 51,414 scholars. These schools are located in 29 states and territories. War Revenue Dlscussed Washington, May 26.- The senate convened an hour earlier than usual this morning to resume its discussion oí the war revenue measure. Scarcely a dozen senators were present. Mr. Hale (Me.) reported an appropriation bill to supply deflciencies in pensions and for other purposes. As reported the measure carries $8,498,405, of which $8,075,872 is for pensions and the baïance for the army, navy and courts. The bill was passed and consideration of the war revenue measure was resumed. Mr. Stewart (Nev.) taking the floor. Mr. Stewart addressed himself particularly to those paragraphs of the bill which provide for the coinage of the silves seigniorage and the issue of legal tender notes. Big Fire at Stoughton, Wis. Stoughton, Wis., May 25.- Shortly before 1 o'clock this morning fire broke out in the paint shops of the Stoughton Wagon company. Aided by a strong wind, the fire spread rapidly and in a short time the entire plant was in flames. At 2 o'clock all the paint shops, the shipping room and tho large storerooms were in ruins. In the storerooms were tliousands of dollars' worth of wagons which had just been finished. It was intended to ship twenty carloads of wagons this week. This stock is entirely destroyed. At 2:30 o'clock it was estimated that the loss was $75,000 and the fire was then under control. There is $150,000 insurance on the stock and building. Equipment for Camp Thomas. Chattanooga, Tenn., May 26. - As far as equipment is concerned the army, will be ready to move on Cuba within fifteen days. Capt. Rockwell, chief ordnance officer of the army, stated that he has received notice that ampie equipment will arrive during the next few days. A half-million rounds of ammunition have already arrived and the balance of the equipment will come as fast as the roads can haul it. Orillea in sinim liattle. Chattanooga, Tenn., May 26.- Battle exercises of the Pirst división of the Pirst corps began today's work at Chickamauga. The exercises began at 6 o'clock and were witnessed by Inspector-General Breckinridge and many other officers. The Pirst and Second brigades of the división assaulted the Third brigade, which was intrenched on Snodgrass hñl, and a highly exciting as well as a very creditable sham battle occurred. News Conflrmed trom Ilaytl. Port au Prince, Haiti, May 26.- The report of the arrival of me Spanish Cape Verde fleet at Santiago de Cuba is correct. The correspondent of the Associated Press here has been able to obtain deflnite confirmation of this news, but up to the present it has been impossible to secure any details. The dispatches sent from here to Santiago de Cuba asking for Information on the subject remain unanswered. Goes to Avenge His Shlp. New York, May 26.- The Gloucester, formerly the Corsair, the flagship of the New York Yacht club, left the navy yard today in charge of Lieutenant Commander Richard Wainwright. She anchored off Tompkinsville and will probably leave for Key West in the morning. Lieutenant Commander Wainwright was the executive offlcer of the battleship Maine when she was blown up in Havana harbor. Mellne Mlnlstry to Stay. Paris, May 26- TKe cabinet met today and filed some appointments, indicating that M. Meline's ministry will not leave office and that M. Lobon, the minister for the colonies, who failed to obtain re-èlection to the chamber of deputies on the reballoting last Sunday, will not retire until the Niger convention is signed, which is imminent. One Womau Burncd to Death. "Victoria, B. C, May 2C- News reached here of a serious fire on the Cowichian reservation. One womau pas burned to death and many buildings destroyed. Oregou'8 Arrival Is Announced. Washington, May 26. - Secretary Long has received an official dispatch announcing the arrival of the battleship Oregon at Júpiter Inlet, Pla. The news was immediately reported to the president. EnglUh Derby Won by Jeddah. Epsom, England, May 26.- The two hundred and eighteenth renewal of the Derby stakes (the classic Derby), of 6,000 sovereigns, was run at Epsom Downs today and was won by jjeddah


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