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This Galvanized Pail only ioc. Oquart tin pails - 9c or 3 for 2ñc Vooden pails - 30c íHlvanlzed Wasfa Boilers, Xo. 9 lióc Vaah Tubs 35c. 40c andiiCc jfr fe WHITE Hj!jg RUBBER COPPER "SÜZT BOILERS. NO. 8 Cg ONLY $1.25. f Extra lu-avy. c -. BS? :-! ,(iü a n'd 31. W XJJBT - Ladies' Fast Black Seamless Hose only 7c. Ladies' 25c Fast Black Seamless Hose only 0c per pair. Children's Ribbed Hose 5c and 10c. Our Record lireaker Men's Fast BlacK or 'au Hose only 5c per pair. THIS GALVANIZED DISH PAN ONLY I0C. 9c fot a .J3 BROOM Mk 3r 3 for 25c. 8ee if our Kèinï Oo broom is not equal t he usual 20c one. Our flfflfl a )est brooms 15c and 20c. flfflHHa 0c and 15c whisk brooms raiji' or 5c and 10c, Toyft jroouis 10c. JIRUSHES OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Whitewash for 30c, 17c, 2cc3racd; 50c. Paint brushes frc-m 10c to 50c.g Scrub brushes 5c and lOc.S iiTS Horse brushes 10?, 25c and[30c. Clothes Erushes 10c, 15c and 25c." Shoe brushes 10c, 15c and 25c. hops. Best Spring Mop Stick 7c. Self-wringing Mops 15c. 48 Sheets of Shelf Paper 5c. 209 NORTH MAIN STREET, OPP. POST OFFICE. REDUCTION SALE We intend to make extensíve ímprovements our store which necessitates the reduction of onr stock. Prices will do this. If you want a Haramock and wish to save f rom 25c to $1.00 cali and see ours at 50e, 75c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.75, $2.00 and $2.50. Croquet Sets only 50c and 65c. "We sell the best Paper Window Shade complete on spring roller 10c. Opaque Shades 25c, 3 or more 20c each. Large Brass Extensión Rod for lace curtains, 15c, 2 for 25c. "Extensión Sash Sash Curtain Rods 10c, 3 for 25c. Curtain Poles 10c each, with brass öxtures 25c We are clftsing out a few coil of best Lawn Hose at 8c per foot, Wire Bound, 10c per foot. Window Screens only 20c and 25c. -zzÊÊÈéÉ0lÊ 51 A 22 inch Good steeI 8aw 25ctoThwed. ■$StB (BJ, li iroii Wi-fnch 10p. Stet-I Rits ör a'.i.l QËP 9 1 -ilsEsi! 'i ' m ■'" Ha . I 9 I E?SÏ 9 %f pWÁ 1%J Large Stee] Wrench 35c. War.F.. L3lw - SSnffHr su ranted Bteel Hammer 35c. Warrantheelputes'o H lwPmmgj ed Steel Hatchet 35c. Best Steel [RIVËTSp j 1 yST Curry Coinb 10c. Gimlets 5c. Cork pSÈi lll ■[ ■ iiiji,TitJ Lawn Hose, Garden Tools, Etc, at COPPER jg5SS Here are bargains you cannot miss: W' The above complete set only $1.25. PI ATPÍ1 firW. Ëa Fireside Cobbler includes: ILHICU ''liBBilB 3 pair tops only 90c. No, 7) 75c. No_ 8j No 9 95cBho: aerox Sc" opper bottom Tea Kettles 25c Heel lifts, per pair 3c. A11 Copper Nickel Plated Cofïee Heel plates 0 for 5. and Tea Pots 50c, 60c and 70c. REMEMBER REDUGED PRICES QN EVERYTHING IN THE STORE, THE FAIR, 209 NORTH MAIN ST„ OPP. POST OFFICE. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Thís is the old stylp Dipper yon used to pay 25c for. We sell them for 5c and 10c. 4 qt. Dair.v Pans, per doz. 37c. 8 qt. Dair.v Pans, per doz. 70c. Pudding Par.s, each 3c. 4c and 5c. 14 qt. Dish Pansonly 10c. Flour Sifters 7c. 10c for a Cood SILK SCARF Lawn Ties 5c and 10c. Fine Silk Ties 25c. Linen Collars 10c, or 3 for 25c. NEGLIGEE SHIRTS J 25c, 35c, and 50c. SPI Laundried Percale, 50c. Our best White Shirts, 50c. Laundried Shirts, 60c. Heavy Working Shirts. 50c. Overalls, 25c, 35c and 50c. Jackets, 25c and 50c. Pants. 50c, 75c and 90c. Straw Hats, 5c, 10c and 25c. SOAP Kirk's Cabinet Soap 10 cake 25c. Kirk's Satin Soap 10 cakes 25c. Kirk's Dome Soap 8 cakes 25 Kirk's Golden Olive & cakes 25c. A full line of Toilet Soap at Lowest Prices. "THE FAIR" Baking Powder only 10c a Ib. Money returned if not satisfactory. 12 boxesbest parlor matohes 10c Large bottie blueing 1 lb. best soda 5c Large bottie of ammonia 5c 2bottlesink 5c 60clothes plns - 5c "ANCHOR" BRAND SOAP. We are sole agents here for the celebrated "Anchor"' Brand Soap. It is warranted equal to any soap or money returned We sell it 8 cakes for 25 cents. Save the wrappers and get beautiful premiums free. Cali and see them at our store.


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