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Washington, May 26. - The president today issued the following proclamation: "By the President of the United States - A Proclamation: Whereas, An act of congress was approved the 25th day of April, 1S98, entitled 'An act declaring that war exista between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Spain,' and, "Whereas, By an act of congress entitled''An act to provide for temporarily increasing the military establishment of the United States in time of war and for other purposes,' approved April 22, 1S98, the president is authorized, in order to raise a volunteer anny, to issue his proclamation calling for volimteers to serve in the army of the United States. "Now, therefors, I, "William McKinley, president of the United States, by virtue ol the power iavested in me by the ccnstitution and the laws, and deeming sufïicient occasion to exist, have thought fit to cali forth, and hereby do cali forth, volunteers to the aggregate number of 75,000, in addition to the voiunteers called forth by my proclamation of the 23d day of April, in the present year; the same to be apportioned, as far as practicable, among the several states and territorios and the District of Columbia, according to population, and to serve for two years, unless sooner discharged. The pföportion of each arm and the details of enlistnient and organization will be made known through the war departïnent. "In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. "Done at the city of Washington this 25th day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and ninety-eight, and of the independence of the United States the one hundred and twenty-second. "WILLIAM M'KINLEY. "By the President. "WILLIAM R. DAY, "Secretary of State." Washington, May 2 6. - One hunnred and twelve thousand men have now been mustered into the volunteer army of the United States and the official reports show that the greater number of these are ready to move te the front. Qyer two-thfcf tt státes have entirely completea me ir musters, and should the emergency arise are prepared to begin anew the work just completed. The failure of sme of the states, notably four or -flve ia the south, to furnish the men called for up to this time js a surprise to the army offlcers on duty here, but is ascribed not to a lack of patriotism, but to a belief, probably shared by many of the national guardsmen who had home ties and business connections which they could not well afford to give up, that plenty of other persons not so incumbered would readily be found to take their places. Ampie time will be given the states referred to to fill the apportionment made by the war department, and the expectation here is this will 'be aecomplished without further unnecessary delay. .Shoúld any of the states default the probabiíity is that the fact will be reported to congress formally by the secretary of war for such action as may be deemed best under the circumstances. No resort can be had to draft measures without explicit authority therefor from the national legislatnre. Secretary Alger said that the additional volunteers called for will not be recruited from the national guard, as were the first 125,000, but that the enlistments will be open. The regulations referred to in the proclamation under which the enlistments will be conducted have not yet been prepared, and it is thought there is no occasion for hurry in this matter until the full draft called for in the first proclamation has been secured. It is further stated that the decisión to issue an additional cali for volunteers was not reached until the cabinet meeting Friday afternoon. The cali, it is supposed here, indicates a determination to press the campaign actively and vigorously from now on. IVreck at Pontiac, 111. Pontiac, 111., May 26- An estr' freight train ran into the St. Louis pas senger train No. 8 near here this morning at 2:13 o'clock. Two empty freight cars and one car of grease were badly smashed. There was no damage done to the engine or passenger cars and no employés or passengers were hurt. The rumor that five tramps who were stealing a ride were injured is not confirmed. The smashed freight cars blocked the tracks and delayed the trains for an 'hour and a half. Talk of Alger's Retirement. Washington, May 26.- The name of Senator-elect Louis McComas of Maryland has been seriously considered for the office of secretary of war in the event Secretary Alger finds it necessary to retire on account of ill kaltlu Subscribe Lor The Democrat.


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