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áaturday night was fighting mgnt, there having been no less than live different battles. Some were flstic comba ts, but in one the treacherous razor did the dirty work. A warrant was issued yesterday against Fr.ed, known as "Slip" Anderson. The bloody work took place in "Varioloid Terrace," across from the flre department, between Anderson and William McCurdy, both colored. It seems the dispute began over some girl, and in order to settle it they commenced to clean each other up in true colored style. McCurdy handled his fists pretty well, but after landing a few on his opponent, it was all over and he crieü: "I guess you've got the best of me; there's something the matter with my heart." It was one of those fig'hts that take long-er to teil about than the flght lasted. As soon as Anderson received a left-hander from McCurdy, he pulled out his razor and made two slashes, the first taking effect in the face and the second cut a deep gash across his belt line. Besides this, McCurdy is also suffering internal injuries fromseveral kicks which he received. McCurdy is under the care of Dr. Huil and it is hardly expeeted that he ean recover. Anderson is still at large, having left the city the same night. Another mix-up took place on the corner of Congress and Washington streets, between a white and a colored man, hut did not turn out seriously. Still another took place down the street further, when a colored man gave an Ann Arbor fellow a black eye, causing him to walk about until his car carne, with a chunk of raw steak on his eye. Mr. Garelssen's Kecltal. (From Saturday's Times). One of the largest and most fashionable audiences ever gathered in the opera house was present last Friday to listen to Mr. Oscar Gareissen's farewell song recital for the benefit of the Ladies' Library association. The elite of the city was present and it really marks one of the society events of the season. The two boxes were ocoupied by Rev. and Mn?. Gardam, Miss Lucinda Lee and Miss Mollie Wortley, and the Misses Thomas, Burck, Deubel and Batchelder.' The curtain raised on a beautiful parlor scène and when Ypsilanti's favorite singer stepped out on the stage he was greeted with an enthusiastic, welcoming applause. Madam Gareissen and Prof. F. H. Pease were the accompanists of the evening. Mr. Gareissen's program, was varied and was a severo test on any singer's ability but from the old Bnglish bailad of "Barbara Allen" to Sargeant's "Blow, blow, thou winter wind" he was a perfect master of the numbers and it is questionable if he ever sang better than last evening. Two or three times the audience fairly demanded encores, although the program he was rendering was most exaeting' in ïtself, while every number was heartily applauded. His most pleasing numbers were "The Two Grenadiers," "Ah. 'Tis a Dream" and "Three Roses Red." Mr. Gareissen was the recipiënt of handsome boquets of earnations and roses. Ypsilanti is very loath to lose Mr. Gareissen, w'ho has always been so ready to rcspond to give his services to so many worthy institutions and whose appearance on the concert stage has always been such a source of gratiñcation to his listeners. He goes to Chicago this coming fall, where he will open a studio in Steinway hall and the Times unhesitatingly and with great pride prophesies for him a brilliant rank among the musicians of the western metropolis. Memorial Day Program. Xext Monday is Memorial Day and it will be observed by the G. A. R. as usual. The exercises will take place at the Methodist church at 1:30 p. m. The parade will consist of the members, the G. A. R. band, Light Infantry and citizens. All flowers should be left at the post headquarters before 9 a. nu PROGRAM. 1. -Music by Band. 2. Music by the Choir. 3. Prayer by Rev. R. K. Wharton. ■1. Address by Commander John Chapman. u. Music by Normal School. 6. Address by Dr. Boone. 7. High School exercises. 8. Oration by Rev. B. P. Aldrich. 9. Music by Choir, "Star Spangled Banner." 10. Benediction by Rev. William Gardara. After (he above exercises are concluded they will march to the cemetery for the purpose of decorating the graves.


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