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Camp Thomas, Chickamauga Park, (!; May 20, 1898. Nothing has ruffled the quiet of cam today, the routine order oL. camp lif has been carried out, and all the me have settled down to army lif e. Spe cial details of men 'have been busy clearing up and improving the quarter of the regiment. In a few da.ys lh ented city will be in perfect order. Vs much as possible Col. Gardener upervises the work about camp. He s very anxious to place his regiment n the best conditions before the exessive heat of the summer comes, 'he greatest precautions are being aken in analyzing a sample of the water f rom eadh of the places where he regiment gets its supply. So far in' water has been pronounced pure. Tonight Chaplain White addressed he men of the regiment. He spoke n a strong and pathetic mamier, relinding the boys of their sac-red duty o acquit themselves as so'diers and men. In conclusión he said: "Boys, do othing to dishonor the great commonwealth of whieh you are a Citizen." lis address was heartily cheered. It will be gratifying to Times readers and üchigan people in general ihat the 'hirty-nrst regiment has the respect f the citizens and is said tó be comosed of the most gentlemanly men in amp. It is beginning to be known as he "Red Handkerchief regiment," on ccount of each soldier wearing the ed handkerchief given by Col. Gardïer. It is certain that during the summer Moody will hold meetings in camp. 'hose who have the work m charge ay it is the íirsc time such a thing ïas been attempted and it wiJl attract he attention of the world. By the ime these meetings are held over forty housand troops will be mobilized on his grour.d. At last the Chattanooga Brewing ompany has effected an entrance into amp through some pull or other. The urgeons of the regiment are against he men drinking on account of the lirnate, saying: "If they do so we shall end them home in cheap cofflns." It s generally understood that the most stringent measures will be taken to imit the sale. The Times correspondent was today appointed special mail prderly for the ■egiment. It is his duty to carry mail o and from trains, and aid in sorting and distributing the same. This work will not interfere with his duties as war correspondent and he will still enleavor to keep Times readers informed f the latest at camp. In the course of a few days each member of the regiment will be vaccinated as a precaution against fever and to put the boys in a. cendition to eave for Cuba. In order to protect the rights of the citizens and to guard against any possible depredations, Col. Gardener has ordered that a company of infantry be stationed each day at Reed's and Alexander's Bridges. This will make guard duty much heavier, for each member of the company. The chaplain acts as postmaster for the regiment. During the flrst 16 days of this month he handled 4,860 pieces of mail matter and sold out $6-1.68 for rfbstage. The mail coming into camp s so great that we cannot get our mail sometimes for three to six days 3ehind time. Friends writing to the boys should be careful to the address very plain; give company, regimenCand address all mail matter to Camp Thomas, Chiekamauga Park, Georgia.


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